What You’ll Learn

See into the Dark Web – All webinar ATTENDEES will be provided a complimentary and confidential analysis showing the number of compromised email credentials found on the Dark Web and where they were discovered.

Ransomware and Dark Web email vulnerabilities have created a $1 billion industry for cybercriminals. The healthcare industry is experiencing a dramatic increase in ransomware attacks. Many unwanted infiltrations stem from compromised email credentials on the Dark Web. In fact, 63% of breaches in the US last year were the result of a compromised email accounts, making protection and recoverability paramount.

By attending this webinar, you’ll see current analysis of healthcare credentials on the Dark Web, and hear how to successfully avoid ransomware damage with a rock-solid, cloud-based business continuity plan.

This presentation will explore:

  • 2017 Dark Web email vulnerability statistics in the healthcare industry
  • How security holes lead to ransomware attacks – affecting and putting at risk over 80% of firms
  • New innovative data backup technology and recovery strategies helping healthcare achieve HIPAA-compliant business continuity protection
  • Real-world case studies of innovative backup and hybrid-cloud recovery solutions that have stopped ransomware attacks cold
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