Security, privacy, and business continuity are the key drivers of the compliance demands that confront nearly every business today, as cyberattacks and criminal activity grows.  This webinar explains how data protection is thriving in the cloud and how practical technology strategies from Evolve IP and VMware are improving both compliance and business firms across all industries.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)  and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) are two key solutions that help customers “extend” their on-premises business strategies into our secure OneCloud™  infrastructure. OneCloud is a PCI and HIPAA compliant computing environment which is built on the best-of-breed technology and provides a secure and reliable hosting environment for Evolve IP’s full suite of “cloud as a strategy” services.

In this live webinar, the presenters will:

  • Explain how a powerful recovery posture effectively combats business continuity threats such as ransomware
  • Present actual case studies of recent DRaaS situations and rapid data recovery examples
  • Demonstrate the simplicity of Desktop as a Service, and how it protects critical business data
  • Show how OneCloud-based solutions provide customers with unmatched data loss prevention and the flexibility across multiple services
  • Illustrate how cloud flexibility empowers businesses to choose appropriate RTO and RPO objectives and facilitate rapid business growth
  • Provide examples of how cloud solutions complement and improve on-premises security efforts

Evolve IP’s OneCloud™, powered by VMware virtualization software, provides a single, unified, and resilient infrastructure upon which Evolve IP offers an unmatched range of cloud communications and computing solutions.

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