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Connecting to your Evolve IP services in the office and on the road is simple. In order to support the structure and work habits of our customers, we offer four ways to connect to Evolve IP’s Virtual Private Cloud.

Evolved Network

The Evolved Network provides businesses a better way to buy and manage Wide-Area Network and Internet services, while delivering a secure and quality means to access Evolve IP’s cloud services.The Evolved Network offers a carrier diverse, layer 3 MPLS network which is provided and supported by Evolve IP.   This service level mitigates the difficulties that customers typically have managing carriers, equipment, and classes of service by combining physical network, routers, management, maintenance, and monitoring into a simple service.

Evolve Connect

Evolve Connect is a carrier meet-me service that enables our customers to utilize the carrier of their choice for connectivity to the Evolve IP Cloud.  Customers can order and connect into the Evolve IP cloud via layer 1 access facilities to Evolve IP’s access hub. Evolve Connect provides flexibility in your carrier negotiations, while enabling a private connection to Evolve IP and supporting Quality of Service (QOS).  While our customers maintain a direct relationship with their carrier, Evolve IP can monitor and manage your network end points and call the carrier on your behalf in the event of an issue*.

Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect combines the bandwidth of multiple public connections (from nearly any carrier) into a single, faster, more reliable virtual connection that can be used to securely access Evolve IP’s Cloud, the Internet or other cloud based services. By bonding your multiple (low cost) connections, Cloud Connect: dramatically increases your network speed, increases reliability with automatic failover, provides bi-directional QOS over public networks, provides a cost effective alternative to MPLS networks.

Public Connect

Public Connect allows small offices, home and mobile workers to connect to Evolve IP services over a public Internet connection. This methodology provides flexibility and portability for your unique work situations.   As with all services provided over the Public Internet, Quality of Service is subject to local conditions and quality of the bandwidth.  Small offices can deploy a local gateway to assist in firewall transversal and traffic queuing to smooth out the ebbs and flows of public traffic.   Public access may also be leveraged as a backup strategy for Evolved Network and Evolve Connect locations with Evolve IP Continuity products.

  Billing Service QoS
Evolved Network EIP EIP Supplied
Evolve Connect Carrier Carrier or EIP* Supported
Cloud Connect Carrier Carrier Supplied**
Public Connect Carrier Carrier Not Applicable

*Monitoring and Management of customer network access is an optional service, and is sometimes dependent on the carrier and products installed.  Additional charges will apply for Evolve IP to manage customer network

** QOS depends on the quality and quantity of avaliable public connections

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