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Staying Updated On Popular Methods of Communication

Staying Updated On Popular Methods of Communication
July 6, 2017 / Evolve IP

Technology is changing rapidly. With millennials and Generation ‘Z’ pushing communication towards applications like chat, email, fax, SMS and social media, staying up-to-date with popular methods of communication is key to continuing to meet your customers’ needs. According to recent findings, customers like to use their preferred method to communicate with contact center agents – calls, text/SMS, email, web chat, web callback, and social media. Furthermore, Forrester recorded that 95% of customers use more than one channel to communicate with companies. Here are the popular communication channels along with a summary of how Evolve IP can help:

SMS – Evolve IP enables receiving and sending SMS text messages with your customers. Interact with your customers through the same agent console and those messages are delivered to your customers’ mobile device.

Multi-Channel CRM & History – The Agent Console desktop application includes an agent CRM that stores customer contacts with all the key contact information across all channels of communication and stores every interaction so that agents have a fully integrated contact history for every customer interaction regardless of the communication type (call, text, email, chat, etc.)

Voice Inbound and Outbound – Calls are routed to agents using VoIP, so an agent can be located anywhere. Inbound calls are typically routed to the best agent available to handle that customer and for more advanced organizations, data-driven decisions based upon agent capabilities and customer needs determine the best destination. Agents use a simple intuitive Agent console to handle calls and gain access to tools that streamline that interaction and rich customer information like their contact history. Manually dialed outbound calls are initiated using the address book or simply dialing a number.

Web Chat – According to Forrester, 63% of customers said they were more likely to return to a website that offers the live web chat feature. Using Evolve IP’s web chat feature customers can chat with agents by simply clicking on a link at the key locations on your website.

Email – Evolve IP connects to the business mail server (IMAP and SMTP servers) or to any compliant third party mail service provider, such as Gmail or Incoming emails are fetched from one or several mail accounts, queued, and routed to the right agents for handling.

Web Callback – Evolve IP’s solution includes web callback link that can be incorporated into your web site. Customers can leave their numbers, names, and requests for a specific department. Web callback requests are queued and assigned to agents. Callback requests can be configured with a lower priority than live calls, so that callbacks are handled without impacting inbound call performance.

Social Feeds – Evolve IP provides smart components that enable you to communicate with your customer via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and handling them via ad-hoc or more advanced automated flows. A rules-based engine can be used to filter feeds according to keywords and route only those posts that meet designated criteria to be handled by agents.

Automated Outbound / Dialer – Evolve IP delivers a full set of automated outbound functions to enable businesses to setup their outbound operations quickly and begin their sales and marketing activities, lead management, accounting and collection processing, fund raising, customer surveys, and more.

Fax as Email – Inbound faxes are collected and attached to emails, which are then handled in the same manner as other incoming emails. Evolve IP can read all fax attachment file types, such as PDF, TIF, PNG, JPG, etc.

Voice Mail – When a customer chooses to leave a voicemail, voice messages can be queued to be handled by an available agent for a certain queue or they can be assigned to a specific agent in cases where that customer is already working with a particular agent.

Luckily, Evolve IP’s multi-channel contact center helps you enhance customer experience. Our multi-channel solution allows you to integrate your contact center with your CRM to get a holistic view into your customer relationships.

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Clients We Work With

  • Association Resource Group is an award-winning technology consulting and brokerage firm with over 25 years as an industry-leader.

    We have been Evolve DaaS clients for just about 2 years. What execs really need to know is how much productivity DaaS brings to an organization. We have estimated that each employee saves 10 minutes a day in startup and shutdown time. Probably another 5 minutes a day in work from home productivity - i.e. more likely to log in from their home PC than if they had to carry a laptop home every night and no clunky VPN or Citrix session to dissuade them from getting on.

    So, 15 minutes a day, that is 3% of their day back. 3% of an $80,000 a year employee is $2,500.

    DaaS has a 300% return, with no capital at risk. That is what I would tell your execs. Feel free to ask questions.


    Steve Murphey, Vice President

  • Based in Northern New England, ClearChoiceMD treats urgent, non-life-threatening medical needs.

    "With Cloud Connect, we have eliminated intermittent phone and internet service drops, increased the reliability of daily business tasks like writing e-prescriptions. We’ve even resolved printing issues. We have zero down time now as a result of connectivity because we’re always up and running.”

    Alex Fuchs, IT Director for CCMD

  • CCI Health & Wellness Services is a group practice, empowering patients to partner with staff for an unparalleled healthcare experience.

    “Usability is one of the most important factors in selecting technology solutions. We needed a solution that our staff could learn quickly and rely upon each day through high call volumes. Evolve IP emerged as best choice and the deployment has been very successful.”

    John Torontow, MD, MPH Chief Operating Officer - CCI Health and Wellness Services

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