The unit of speed used for a super computer is: FLOPS

In terms of computing, what does ROM stand for? Read Only Memory

What was the first search engine on the internet? Archie

What command can you use in a Cisco switch to filter your MAC address table so it only shows the MAC Addresses from VLAN 2? show mac address-table vlan 2

How fast is a T-1 Line? 1.54 mbps

What mechanism prevents loops in a layer 2 switch environment? STP

What is the default protocol used in Active Directory? LDAP – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

What is the local loopback address for IPv4 and IPv6 ? IPv4 IPv6 ::1

What is the command to install packages on a Red Hat Linux system? yum

What is a MiB: Mebibyte

What does DaaS stand for? Desktop as a Service

What command line utility can be used to verify connectivity to a device? Ping

JAVA was originally invented by: SUN

ROM is composed of: Photoelectric cells

Evolve IP ( provides which of the following services: All of these services