Executive Leadership

Thomas J. Gravina
Executive Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder

Michael Peterson
Vice Chairman and Co-Founder

Pete Stevenson
Chief Executive Officer

Randal Thompson
Chief Revenue Officer

Tim Allen
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer and Founding Partner

Scott Kinka
Chief Technical and Product Development Officer and Founding Partner

Management Team

Sue McCurley
Senior Vice President
Organizational Development

Noraini Ozol
Senior Vice President
Strategic Analysis & Planning

Peter Eisengrein
Executive Vice President
Network Engineering

Mark Soma
Executive Vice President
Software Architecture

Michael Batdorf
Executive Vice President
Business Operations

Joseph Pedano
Executive Vice President
Cloud Engineering

Don Mennig
Executive Vice President
Global Marketing

Gary Coben
Senior Vice President
Channel Services

Nick Page
Senior Vice President
Network Services

Nicci Townsend
Client Relations

Nicole Linehan
Senior Manager
Corporate Affairs & Development

Corporate Development, Finance and M&A

Jeff Coursen
CFO – Strategic Advisor

Michael Eisner
Vice President
Corporate Development