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5 Reasons Cloud Desktops are the New Trend

August 25, 2021 / Evolve IP

Cloud desktops, aka Cloud PC, make it possible to work anywhere, at any time. In an economy powered by remote work, this is increasingly valuable. Cloud is the backbone of the tech ecosystem. It has made adaptation possible, especially in the rapidly changing conditions of 2020-2021. As the rate of change holds steady, even accelerating in some sectors, cloud desktops are relied upon to provide fast, secure access to files and applications.

Here are the five reasons cloud desktop technology is trending.

1.  Simplified Control

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is the simplest way to exercise comprehensive control over endpoint devices. DaaS enables policy integration and unified management. From one central point, endless numbers of users can be managed with minimal help desk assistance.

What’s more, expansive regulatory environments present significant challenges for businesses that deal with data. Cloud desktops make it easy to implement wide-scale changes to align with ever-evolving protocol and compliance considerations.

2.  Speed and Agility

The sheer volume of data, and drain on bandwidth, is not going to decrease. In any vertical in any industry, speed and agility are integrally connected to productivity. Having the ability to connect faster, and the flexibility to do so from anywhere, are two of the biggest benefits of cloud hosted desktops.

Cloud desktops can provide scalable storage solutions and flexible use terms. For instance, Evolve IP’s digital workspaces can be designed around the workflow for the end-user, and not the other way around. These streamlined solutions can deliver specific applications to users with specific job functions.

3. Financial Advantages

Many of the workforce/workplace changes in the last year and a half were forced, but they show no signs of fading away. Public cloud end-user spending is expected to grow 18% in 2021 alone, and enterprise IT spending on public cloud computing is steadily increasing.

For many businesses, the decision to adopt a cloud desktop service is about the bottom line. Because you can put a price on productivity, the higher output and lower cost represent the compound advantage of cloud desktops.

Desktop as a service (DaaS) models save money at every stage:

  • Immediate cost savings are available as companies instantly free up budgets previously spent on physical hardware.
  • Ongoing cost savings start and continue as device maintenance — both in terms of replacing and fixing tech or through IT hours — are significantly reduced or go away entirely.
  • Server purchases and application licenses are assets that depreciate fast but are not a concern for businesses that have activated cloud desktop services.

4. No VPN Required

Security has perhaps been the biggest concern as the world was propelled into remote work, and with good reason. Even as some of the world heads back into the office, businesses are offering hybrid work arrangements. Navigating cybersecurity concerns for every arrangement requires planning, execution, and maintenance. Not all setups are equally secure, and the remaining risk of human error never fully goes away.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a common way to establish endpoints and secure connections or tunnels into or out of an organization. However, as public data breaches have made clear, VPNs aren’t as secure as people had once hoped. IT departments are still at the mercy of per-device ops, which becomes difficult to manage at scale. A primary concern when it comes to individual devices is security. The risks include:

  • Lost or stolen devices
  • People leaving the company
  • Lack of firewall or anti-virus protections
  • Access using unsecured Wi-Fi

Enter cloud desktop workspaces. DaaS prevents data breaches without a VPN because data is centrally managed. It allows for security even in “bring your own device” (BYOD) business models, which can be a major cost-saver. The latest encryption protocols can be implemented en masse, and no huge bandwidth connections are required. Endpoints are no longer the vulnerability they are with VPNs, and troubleshooting is virtually frictionless.

5. Cloud Desktop Trends are the Future

The cloud is an iterative process that can be designed to meet a company’s goals. The tech stack of most businesses is expanding, and many leaders are evaluating the viability of digital workspaces to support growth. New technologies make it easier to generate, then act on, data that drives business performance. Businesses must leverage cloud computing if they hope to meet business demands.

Multi-cloud or hybrid environments may be the infrastructure models of the future. Rather than putting all their eggs in the basket of big public cloud providers (like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc.), companies are diversifying options by building infrastructure with multi-cloud capacities. This means that large providers need to create bridges, not just upsell clients to more cloud capacity. Greater collaboration enables more customers to take part in these trends and simplifies the process of operating across platforms.

Evolve IP: A Better DaaS Solution

Evolve IP has a world-class cloud desktop as a service solution. Employees can work from anywhere with full access to a company’s systems. Logging in from any device without a VPN provides a consistent, secure experience. Our DaaS solution has been 3rd-party audited and is fully compliant for PCI, SOC2, HIPAA/HITRUST, and more. Ready to get your team on the cloud? Contact us to get started.

2021 Gartner® Market GuideTM for Desktop as a Service

In this Market Guide, Gartner describes and analyzes the characteristics of the DaaS market, both current state and future direction, as well as descriptions of representative vendors that offer DaaS services to end-user customers.

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