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Call Recording in the Era of Work from Home

call recording
November 30, 2021 / Scott Kinka, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer

Call recording is certainly not a new concept.  It’s been around in traditional Call Centers for decades. But what has historically been a coaching and customer service tool is getting a new look from businesses everywhere since employees are now predominantly out of the office and compliance standards have not been relaxed. 

Call recording is an outstanding way to unlock key findings from voice data on how, what, when, and where people communicate. This is an increasingly important activity, providing insights into everything from customer satisfaction to employee job performance.  And now that we can’t offer our developing teammates “over the shoulder” guidance and training, it’s taken on new meaning in every area of the business – not just the contact center. 

Evolve IP has partnered with Dubber, creator of the world’s number one unified call recording and voice AI solution. If you are investigating new and improved call recording solutions to ensure compliance or improve service performance, read on to learn what new technologies are available, and how you can implement them to enhance visibility and accelerate success.

Turning Voice Data into Voice Intelligence 

Most companies have collected voice data for years. But this raw, unstructured data has been virtually impossible to put to any good use. Enter artificial intelligence (AI). As voice AI has become more sophisticated, it makes it possible to use content from spoken words to identify patterns, alert to issues, and effectively manage operations. Far beyond transcriptions, voice AI takes audio files from call recording and organizes them, spotting in moments what would take humans hours, delivering meaningful and usable intelligence for businesses of all kinds. 

As part of Evolve IP’s award-winning unified communications platform, Dubber can collect and process voice, video, chat, and more, making it possible for enterprises, governments, and service providers to finally benefit from billions of minutes of captured conversations.  

This critical content is no longer opaque, and it doesn’t take hours of manual effort to get to the good stuff. The Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud turns on the moment a call starts, making each connection and conversation an instantly integrated data set that can also plug into customer relationship management and project management tools.  

Call Recording: Then & Now 

Gartner published a compelling report of strategic predictions for 2021, which included an assessment of the state of call recording: 

  • By the year 2025, 75% of conversations will be recorded 
  • 50% of customer conversations in financial institutions happen outside of a call center 
  • 80% of crucial customer interactions are voice, augmented with digital 
  • Fewer than 10% of crucial conversations are captured 

Even when crucial conversations are captured, it is typically in ways that make it difficult to get to the moments that matter. 

New technology uncovers the potential insights contained in every conversation. For instance, for customer service calls, traditional call recording would provide an audio file of the recorded conversation. If the information needed to be verified, or employee performance checked, leadership would have to sit and listen to that call. Imagine trying to assess performance or interactions over several hours of calls. It was a literal real-time exercise that sapped resources, and, quite honestly, no one enjoyed doing. 

The beauty of AI is that it can replace these manual, repetitive, and time-intensive tasks, freeing up creative humans to do more with data. In terms of voice AI, the latest call recording technologies are doing just that —making it possible to not have to “sit and listen,” but rather, have the system do the legwork, extrapolating the points that matter and aggregating data to deliver meaningful information.  

AI-enriched conversational data is a cloud-based service that makes it possible to forego the complex, inefficient processes of dealing with voice data. Once it is “on and active,” systems like Dubber make it easy to see the high points of a conversation, quickly pulling out any patterns or anomalies. This always-on functionality makes it easy to have one endpoint for unified call recording, activate real-time search, and connect in smarter ways, using voice APIs and automations. 

Call recording can capture any and every type of conversation: 

  • Desk calls 
  • Video calls and online meetings 
  • Mobile calls 
  • Call center data

The Dubber Advantage 

Evolve IP customers can use Dubber to meet regulatory mandates, get to know customers through deep analytics, create real-time reporting on customer sentiment, improve operations, and turbocharge productivity. As the leading call recording platform, Dubber offers an open API that plays nice with any system, including Big Datasets. This means that companies of any size can start using the tool right away to capture and unify voice data, implementing a scalable and secure solution that’s ready from day one to support business operations. 

Get the Dubber Advantage from Evolve IP 

Evolve IP is an award-winning communications platform. We have partnered with Dubber because they are the best unified call recording provider in the world, offering the following features to Evolve IP / Dubber customers: 

  • Unified call recording across voice and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams 
  • Full data encryption and Globally Compliant Call Recording 
  • 100% call recording from, and on, any device 
  • AI-driven insights and alerts 
  • Unlimited Data retention options 
  • Open APIs for integration into critical business systems and business intelligence 

Most importantly, our call recording solution can be integrated with Microsoft Teams and Evolve IP’s Global Voice (with Cisco Webex coming soon) to support remote working and easy deployment. 

Dubber phrases the power of call recording this way: “end not knowing.” All the important conversations happening within a business can dramatically impact strategic decision-making. Stop grappling with inflexible, impossible-to-navigate data. Stop missing valuable insights from conversations had at home.  Step into the future of voice intelligence by implementing an elite solution: contact us to learn more 

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