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Work from Home DaaS Comparison – Common Objections and Rebuttals

March 30, 2020 / Evolve IP

If your business is considering enabling remote work, Bring Your Own Device or looking to easily provision, update and secure your users with DaaS or a virtual desktop you’re not alone. In fact, according to Gartner, DaaS momentum continues to build – especially in the midmarket. 

To help businesses think through some of the major considerations we developed a comparison guide that outlines: 

  • How projects get funded 
  • Major solution types 
  • Key questions to consider
  • A cost evaluation process
  • Thoughts on overcoming objections 

So, why would should listen to us? Well, Evolve IP… 

  • Has been providing DaaS solutions for over 11 years 
  • Is the largest multi-tenant VMware DaaS provider in the United States.  
  • Our solution has been named in every Gartner DaaS Market Guide since inception.  
  • We also work with Citrix and have deployed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for clients. 
  • We have tens of thousands of users 

Bottom line, we have a lot of experience to pull from for this comparison. 

Today we will look at Common Desktop-as-a-Service / DaaS Objections and Rebuttals or “How do I deal with a Doubting Thomas?” 

Occasionally, as the IT advocate, you may run into a ‘road blocking’ individual peppering you with questions like “How are they doing it, why do I need virtual desktops, etc?”  Fair enough.  Here are a few questions we’ve heard along the way and a few thoughts on these valid questions:


Q: Couldn’t I just do this with Citrix on my own and publish some desktops and some applications?   

A: You could, but that only addresses the delivery of 20% of your applications.  The other 80% are being delivered directly to your users, outside of your control mechanisms like Active Directory (AD).  By front-ending this solution with Clearlogin, our Identity and Access tool, we’re throwing a lasso around those users and their access as well and creating one central choke point for all users that IT can manage. 


Q: Why can’t I just have everyone use a DaaS seat and then use that as my choke point? 

A: First, why would you? It’s way more expensive. Second, you could, but we’re trying to make your business MORE agile and your users happier and more productive; not make them jump into a virtual desktop just to go elsewhere for a majority of their application needs.  


Q: Can’t I just buy OKTA and do this myself?   

A: Technologies like OKTA will address SSO and MFA.  They are also VERY expensive to implement and pay for on a monthly basis.  They also don’t address the 20% of your applications that are legacy whereas Virtual Desktops puts these applications behind the SSO/MFA portal and serves them up from our data centers to your end users in a SaaS-like experience. 

Comparing DaaS Solutions

This virtual desktop or DaaS comparison guide is designed for those who are looking into hosted virtual desktops or desktops as a service (DaaS). It also compares the technology to Evolve IP’s Virtual Desktop solution.

When Do I Still Use DaaS? 

Here are some use cases that might still point you in the DaaS direction: 

  • Zero client dominates your organization – If you have all zero clients today you can’t have users going to a browser to login first. DaaS would be a better fit. 
  • You’re already on DaaS today – We move a healthy dose of customers from other DaaS providers to our platform. At times, it’s easier or better to keep them on a like-for-like platform from a user adoption or training perspective.  However, we’d argue that it’s worth the effort to show your users a better way and that the adoption changes will pay dividends for you (and them) later.   
  • You’re a BYOT – Bring your own tools – business – From time-to-time a customer brings their own tools to the party like RMM, AV or desktop OS.  In these scenarios, and in combination of a one size fits all environment, the DaaS solution may end up being less expensive.  



Bottom line, Evolve IP Virtual Desktops is the new way to make your users more productive, secure and mobile. It also makes them, and their devices, easier to manage while saving significant money over a 100% DaaS solution. Virtual Desktops will also move your legacy application boat anchors to the cloud freeing up your business to be more agile, more secure and more end-user friendly.  Ultimately, if you do fall into one of the tertiary cases above where DaaS is still a better fit, no one has been doing it longer or has more clients on a DaaS platform than Evolve IP.  Give us a call to talk about your business objectives so we can purpose-build a solution that’s exactly what you need. 

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