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It has become increasingly necessary for enterprise-level organizations to provide flexible solutions for IT infrastructure. Whether working with a fully remote or hybrid workforce, teams require full access to company systems from across the globe. Enterprise VDI presents solutions to many of the challenges of connecting users to desktop services. 

Let’s explore how VDI solves modern enterprise problems with adaptability and ease of management. 

Enterprise VDI That Adapts to Your Business Needs 

Operating in an ever-changing business landscape requires flexibility. Enterprise solutions for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offer quite a lot of versatility to meet the needs of the modern business environment. With growing trends in remote work, the necessity for adaptable IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. 

Whether in-house or hosted, VDI solutions give enterprises the flexibility to grant access to company systems to anyone from almost anywhere in the world. Moreover, VDI grants businesses with fluctuating staffing needs the opportunity to add and remove users without needing to physically change hardware. 

With reliable 24/7 access, VDI also gives dedicated support and uptime for the system — making it the perfect choice for workforces operating in different time zones. Whatever challenges your business faces to manage desktop infrastructure, VDI presents some unique advantages that allow teams to stay connected and keep collaborating. 

Which Enterprise VDI Solutions are Right for a Large User Base? 

Enterprises will need to choose between in-house or hosted VDI. While each comes with its own set of pros and cons, both solutions can easily handle large numbers of users. The main difference is scalability. 

For in-house VDI, all the physical infrastructure needed to manage a VDI system stays within the company. This means that in-house IT teams have both the benefit of complete control and the responsibility of managing the system. This includes managing data centers, updating software, and maintaining user access.  

While handling big quantities of users is somewhat manageable, if the proper physical infrastructure is in place, scaling in-house VDI solutions can be a challenge. Existing resources like server space often limit flexibility and growth. 

Hosted VDI desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) deployments solve many of these challenges. Not only are they easily implemented, but scaling for user growth is a matter of requesting additional desktop instances and user licenses. The burden of adding resources to meet demands is on the vendor rather than in-house IT teams. Enterprises don’t need to purchase or prepare new hardware, making Hosted VDI solutions an excellent choice for organizations needing to manage large and dynamic user needs. 

Setting Up and Managing Your Enterprise Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 

VDI solutions can offer many benefits to your business. The responsibility for setting up and managing infrastructure is a main concern for any enterprise. Between in-house and hosted VDI, a few differences exist in initial setup and management. 

First, let’s explore in-house VDI systems. To implement a VDI solution like this requires: 

  • Using existing data centers 
  • In-house IT teams for management 
  • Physical infrastructure (i.e., servers) 
  • Larger upfront investment 

The burden of managing in-house VDI solutions is on the shoulders of in-house IT teams. This grants ultimate control of the system to the enterprise but ultimately means more work for IT professionals. On the plus side, the low cost of ownership, easy upgrades to applications, and reliable security controls mean many enterprises go for in-house infrastructure. 

On the other side of the spectrum is hosted VDI. While you still enjoy many of the benefits of in-house VDI, you sacrifice ultimate control for convenience. It also means: 

  • Less burden on your IT team 
  • Access to cutting-edge technologies and expertise (through the VDI vendor) 
  • Less physical resources needed 
  • Higher level of availability 

With hosted VDI, initial setup is much easier. Instead of dedicating space, electricity and staff for virtual desktop upkeep, the VDI provider handles everything, including absorbing daily operating costs. 

So, looking at setup and management, hosted VDI solutions tend to be easier for organizations. The sacrifice is control, meaning hosted VDI is not the right choice for every enterprise. For most growth-minded companies, however, hosted VDI is the best way to get everything from architecture to maintenance off the plate of internal teams, who can dedicate time to building products and other revenue-driving tasks. 

Between these two options, the user experience is similar. The key difference is system management. In either scenario, VDI provides flexible solutions for virtual desktop deployments. 

VDI Solutions with Evolve IP 

Enterprise VDI solutions offer organizations versatile systems to connect users. While hosted and in-house solutions differ in many respects, they both offer quite a lot for teams looking to collaborate and access company systems with greater flexibility. Evolve IP is a leading provider of VDI solutions for enterprise organizations. 

We partner with IT professionals to streamline systems and allow workers to connect seamlessly from across the world. Connect with us today to learn more about how we can help your business improve the user experience, increase productivity, and centralize your technology management. 

Your essential IT ally for the enterprise hybrid workforce.

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