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Give your Phone System an Extreme Makeover for an Impressive ROI | Part 2

July 15, 2015 / Evolve IP

Part 2 – Reaping the Benefits

In our last blog, we described how real estate and brokerage firm GFI Capital had moved to the Evolve IP hosted IP phone system. GFI Capital has experienced a number of material business benefits. Some of these include:

Significant Cost Savings – with Evolve IP’s award-winning cloud model, there’s no heavy up-front capital investment in infrastructure, saving thousands of dollars – particularly important for GFI Capital with its short-lived property ownership. In addition, upgrades and troubleshooting is handled via the cloud in half the time as on premise, saving on ongoing maintenance costs. “It used to cost us upwards of $200 a service call and take at least three days to fix; now it’s just a simple call and the problem is handled immediately,” said Ross.

Improved Mobility – for the first time, GFI Capital’s largely remote workforce enjoy reliable phone service from anywhere and can easily connect with customers or participate in meetings remotely.

Business Continuity – Evolve IP provided disaster recovery consultation to help GFI Capital create a business continuity plan involving its phone system. Now, if there is a power outage or the internet goes down for any reason, GFI Capital will still be able to see calls as emails with Evolve IP’s talk-to-text feature. “If there were a large-scale emergency like Hurricane Sandy, we can now re-route calling remotely and react to disasters quickly – something we couldn’t do with any premise-based service.”

With Evolve IP, every GFI Capital office has guaranteed SLAs for reliability, and can rely on geographically disperse and redundant, active-active configurations for business continuity in the event of a failure or outage. 

Streamlined Management – GFI Capital wanted a way to streamline the management of its many different phone systems across a geographically disperse area, and they got it with Evolve IP. “I didn’t want different urls, interfaces, and passwords to log in and manage each individual location. Only Evolve IP offered one, easy-to-use dashboard for management. Now I have a single pane of glass to manage the entire portfolio of phones, providing me with full visibility over all locations, saving me a ton of time and improving overall efficiency.”

Faster, Easier Troubleshooting – in addition to providing fast response, Evolve IP has visibility downstream to the network, to the voice gateway, to the switch, and all the way to the individual phones for trouble shooting. “This was huge,” noted Ross who had waited as long as five days to resolve a problem with an old system. “No other providers had this visibility, making me responsible for trying to figure out what was wrong if there were a problem. I’m no longer at the mercy of a third-party vendor.

Flexible Operations – as a cloud-based platform, Evolve IP’s voice solution is highly flexible, making it fast and easy to make configuration changes, add or remove users, and even transfer accounts to new owners like GFI Capital property buyers. “It’s so easy to move the phone service to a new location or building or even owner which allows us to make fast moves to capitalize on the market,” remarked Ross.

One part of GFI Capital’s business is identifying undervalued commercial properties, purchasing them and then making substantial investments in renovations for the purpose of selling these properties for profit. The Evolve IP cloud-based phone system has been implemented in GFI Capital’s entire portfolio of such real estate properties and is providing to be an extra selling point for the new owner who inherits the system at no additional cost.

“With Evolve IP, it’s really easy to transfer the service which is important for a company like ours that tries to resell quickly. There’s no cost to move a phone account over to the new property owner and it’s a great deal because they get new equipment and a reliable, high-quality voice solution. We win, too, because we no longer have to waste time or money decommissioning each phone system since the service is delivered via the cloud. There’s not much for us to do at all, which is perfect,” Ross added.

GFI Capital has also been enjoying many smart features included with the Evolve IP phone system. One of the most popular new features among GFI community and regional managers is Voicemail Scribe, Evolve IP’s voice-to-text application, which allows staff to see a voicemail message from any device, anywhere, without having to open and play the audio. But, for CTO Robert Ross, it’s Evolve IP’s unparalleled service that has turned him into a true Evolve IP advocate.

“Over the years, I’ve dealt with all types of external vendors and not one compares with Evolve. The service and support is fantastic. They have mastered just the right approach to developing long-term customer relationships. Our Evolve IP team has gone over and above to bring us on board, and I can’t say enough about all of them,” concluded Ross.

Are you wondering if it’s time to upgrade your organization’s phone system? Click here to download “9 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Phone System”.

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