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Helient Systems’ Shortcut to the Cloud

August 30, 2013 / Scott Kinka

”Do not try to do everything. Do one thing well.” – Steve Jobs

Today’s IT consultants, resellers and service firms have come to a crossroads. Their customers are moving to the cloud and their trusted IT partner needs to make a choice. Should they:

A.)   Risk getting into the cloud directly – investing time and significant financial resources into hardware and personnel to operate and build their own Cloud platform to host customers?

B.)    Pass on opportunities allowing potential competitors who already have the cloud infrastructure to get in the door? Or,

C.)    Partner with a Cloud Services Provider (CSP) and leverage their customer relationships to transform their non-recurring business into recurring monthly revenue?

Helient, an IT consultancy serving the U.S. legal community, faced the exact choice.

Steve Hatch, Helient’s COO, says the company recognized early on that the legal community was a perfect fit for the adoption of cloud technologies; firms typically have very demanding technology users yet do not employ a deep technical staff. This, and the $300 billion size of the U.S. legal market, has made the industry ripe for technology innovation.1

“We recommend that our law firm clients move their computing infrastructure into the cloud first and foremost to bring them into the modern era and put them in a good position to explore advanced technologies, but also because the cloud is the key to giving lawyers limitless mobility with 24×7 access to their applications and data from anywhere and any device,” Hatch said.

To further solidify the opportunity, other IT consultants were steering away from the legal industry because law firms have such highly specialized needs. Spanning a wide IT landscape including e-discovery, legal research, content management, data analytics, practice management, social media and more, the cost to design, implement and manage the specific needs of this vertical is intimidating.

But before Helient could start migrating clients to the cloud, it needed a way to provide hosted infrastructure services that would be on par with any technology on the market without making the capital and support investment to build it themselves. The expense was simply too great…and the risk even greater. Moreover, had they decided to make the investment, the time-to-market would have been significantly longer which could have resulted in significant lost opportunities along the way. It was a slippery slope.

Recognizing the risks and opportunities, Helient entered into a partner program with Evolve IP called CloudNOWTM that enables the firm to bring cloud services like virtual data centers/servers, virtual desktops and disaster recovery to its customers. The program eliminates the up-front investment in infrastructure as well as the time and risk of building and operating its own platforms and data centers, yet still allows Helient to maintain its brand, keep control of the customer relationship and maximize profitability.

Evolve IP’s CloudNOW program includes a flexible compensation plan that will significantly increase the income for program partners. It provides a variety of options ranging from monthly recurring revenue with upfront payments, to private label and wholesale offerings that meet consultants’ wide-ranging financial and cash flow requirements.

“We partnered with Evolve because Evolve already has world-class data centers in the cloud – this is where they are most proficient,” said Hatch. “We provide the configuration and application expertise to make legal networks successful while Evolve brings its expertise in building highly reliable infrastructure into the equation.”

Hatch continued, “By marrying our two specialties, Helient can efficiently deliver a world-class cloud solution to law firms. Rather than trying to be all things to all companies, Evolve’s new partner program enables IT services companies like us to provide the ‘best of the best’ – a hybrid of domain expertise from leaders in their individual disciplines.”

Already, Helient has signed a number of new agreements with law firms who are interested in moving to the cloud including one of the largest intellectual property firms in the Philadelphia area. The firm will have 100 users in three different regional offices. Helient and Evolve IP are building out the solution together, providing some custom modifications to the infrastructure to comply with licensing agreements and performance.

According to Hatch, Helient expects to see a significant surge in sales as an Evolve CloudNOW partner and the program has allowed Helient to enter the market faster with diminished up-front capital and personnel risk over going the road alone.

“Our approach is to aggregate the best of breed solutions under a single bill,” concluded Hatch. “We partner with companies that have a proven, world-class solution which is why we are working with Evolve for the infrastructure. Together, we are helping get law firms to the cloud quickly. Our customers benefit from top-notch technology and simple, streamlined administration. Lawyers, after all, are at their best providing legal counsel rather than running an IT organization.”

If your IT or systems integration firm is at a similar “cloud crossroads” and would like to partner with Evolve IP to reduce time-to-market, minimize risk, sell award-winning products and leverage an established brand…contact us at 610.964.8000 or visit


  1. Tech Cocktail – “6 Reasons the Legal Industry is Ripe for Startup Invasion,” by Joshua Kubicki. March 25, 2013:  
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