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Here’s what 1,500+ IT and C-Level Execs had to say about Cloud Adoption in 2018

June 12, 2018 / Evolve IP

Forgive me a moment while I revel in nostalgia; specifically, the grand ole days of 2012.

Facebook had its IPO, kids got jiggy doing Gangham Style, and a dude named Felix jumped 127,000 feet from space through the clouds and back to earth.

Meanwhile, businesses were looking at “clouds” in a whole different way and instead of falling back to earth in a fog like Felix, most saw a crystal clear future about how they would soon purchase and manage technology.

Evolve IP also launched our first Cloud Adoption Survey in 2012 and, in subsequent years, we have emailed hundreds of thousands of IT professionals and C-level executives to understand their cloud mindset and gain a deeper understanding of the market trends. This year 1,554 participants contributed to the survey!

Here are 9 key findings from the survey with context provided from previous years …

2018 Cloud Survey Rocks

1.   The Cloud is the future, the future is now!

2018: 92% of all respondents believe that cloud computing is the future model of IT and 91.5% currently have services deployed in the Cloud.

2012/2013: 87% believed the Cloud was the future for IT and 79% had at least one service in the cloud.


2.   In Cloud We Trust.

2018: 72.5% of IT managers consider themselves Cloud believers, the highest number we have recorded since the survey’s inception.

2012/2013The number was about 20 points lower – just 53% of IT managers said the same.


3.   There’s safety in the cloud.

2018: For data security, respondents overwhelmingly pick the Cloud (private and public) over on-premises as the safest solution for their businesses during: environmental incidents (91% vs. 9%), hardware failure (83.5% vs. 16.5%) and malicious attacks (68.5% vs. 31.5%). Private clouds are the preferred option for all three incidents as noted by approximately half of all respondents.

2012/2013not asked

2018 Cloud Survey Security

4.   Say “Goodbye” to your telecom closet.

2018: 30% of businesses indicate they will be evaluating or deploying a cloud phone system. Three quarters of them indicate they will do so in the next two years.

2012/2013: Just 17% were considering a cloud phone system


5.   Microsoft O365 is hot!

2018: 40% of firms indicate they will be evaluating or deploying Office 365. 70% say this is a project that will happen in the next year.

2012/2013: Only 16.5% were evaluating or deploying Office 365.


6.   Compliance is critical.

2018: 72.5% of all respondents note that they have compliance requirements. PCI (38.5%), HIPAA (37%), and SOX (19%) are the top three compliances noted.

2012/2013not asked


7.   Cloud budgets continue to rise.

2018: 46% of businesses indicate their budget for cloud services increased this year while just 7% saw a decrease. This closely mirrors last year’s results where 48% of respondents saw an increase and 5.5% had a decrease.

2012/2013: 43% expected to see an increase in their budget for cloud services. Every year of the survey budgets for “Cloud” have risen.


8.   Security concerns continue to fall.

2018: 46.5% cite cloud security as a concern. That’s the lowest reported number since the survey’s inception

2012/2013: 55.5% noted security as a concern

2018 Cloud Survey Simplify

9.   I’d like OneCloud provider, please!

2018: 57% of all respondents would prefer having a single cloud service provider handle all of their hosted solutions.

2012/2013: This number has been remarkably consistent every year of the survey. In fact, in 2012 the number was 59%.


Click here to download a complimentary copy of our 2018 survey results infographic – complete with custom cloud cartoons.

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