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As the dust settles from the global pandemic of 2020-21, it’s clear that remote and hybrid workplaces are here to stay. Managed Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is already playing a significant role in this transformation as more businesses make permanent transitions to this new work environment.

How Managed DaaS Can Improve Your Business

Managed DaaS can go a long way in helping your company improve its work environment, operational performance, and employee and customer satisfaction. Here are some advantages:

  • Lower Frustration. These solutions benefit both hybrid and remote employees by providing a consistent desktop experience at any device. Whether team members log on in the office, from a home computer, or on a phone, they can continue right where they left off. This significantly reduces job and work-related frustration.
  • Higher Productivity. When employees can pick up where they left off, combined with the fact that they have ready-access to all their files, data, apps, and software, productivity of the entire company can be expected to rise.
  • Excellent Customer Service. Employees who are happier at work and productive because they have everything they need at their fingertips are more likely to complete projects on-time and deliver excellent customer service.
  • Primed for Advancement. New technologies are always on the horizon today. By adopting this flexible cloud-based platform, you’ll be ready to integrate future developments to continue your growth in the future.
  • IT Staff Relief. Relying on a third-party expert as your partner, your organization can more easily dedicate IT resources to your core business.
  • Best and Brightest Talent. It’s much easier for businesses with managed cloud-based DaaS solutions to create and maintain a remote or hybrid workforce, which is increasingly appealing to the next generation of employees. Attract and retain top talent that will continue to be in high demand.

Types of Virtual Desktop Solutions


Virtual desktop solutions are either deployed on-premises or in the cloud and can be managed by an internal staff or through a third-party solution provider.

Although some large corporations who have already invested in a great deal of infrastructure and end-user devices may be able to move to an on-premises, internally managed virtual desktop solution relatively easily, it can be a significant challenge for mid-sized or smaller organizations to do the same.

With cloud-based computing growing in popularity and sophistication, this solution is more secure, reliable, and flexible for today’s modern business. In addition, managed cloud-based DaaS providers have amassed a certain level of expertise to help their clients deploy virtual desktops effectively and efficiently at a relatively low subscription price. Since it’s their core business, these third-party vendors will be more invested in staying on top of all the latest developments within this technology and space.


What is the Role of DaaS in Cloud Computing?

The role of DaaS within the cloud computing space revolves around the ability for a company to provide access to storage, network, virtualization, and tools to its employees and other users from the cloud. The third-party partner uses its customers’ ongoing subscription fees to optimize user experience, maintain uninterrupted network access, and manage the tools, software, and other components.

The fact that cloud computing utilizes geographically diverse data centers means greater protection from weather or other potential unexpected events, redundancy in storage and therefore faster recovery in the case of breaches, and higher quality connectivity at a local level.


Choosing the Right DaaS Services for Your Business Needs

Before you make a final decision, be sure you understand the different components of managed cloud-based DaaS. Here are some key questions to ask:

  • Do you serve multi-tenants? Many DaaS companies will manage multiple customers on a single system. If this is the case, be sure that each business also has an individual virtual LAN, especially if company-specific compliance is required.
  • Are you flexible in terms of individual user needs? Employees tend to have varying levels of access requirements with some only needing access to certain apps and data while others need more comprehensive access. Be sure your partner can accommodate these fluctuations so you’re only paying for what you require.
  • Which end-user devices are supported? While desktops and laptops tend to be easily supported, companies investing in thin clients or zero clients may want to check to ensure their chosen partner will be able to support those devices.
  • Can you integrate with legacy applications? It’s likely that even if the majority of employees are utilizing software-as-a-service applications, some may still require access to legacy systems. Be sure your partner can publish these applications to the user through the DaaS so that separate logins and security issues do not arise.
  • How do you manage security? With the rise of cybercrime and the sophistication of bad actors increasing, the security question is an important one. While using DaaS innately reduces risk, it’s important that your partner has additional security and backup protocols.
  • How quickly can devices be provisioned and unprovisioned? For businesses managing fluctuating, seasonal or temporary workforces, the speed at which new users can be added and old ones removed can be paramount in terms of both productivity and security. Be sure to explore provisioning processes with your potential partner.
  • What is your pricing model? Many solution providers require that companies purchase a minimum number of seats and add on ancillary parts and services to that minimum fee. Ask if your vender can provide more flexible pricing so that you only pay for the features and access that each individual user needs to hold down overall costs.



If you’re ready to learn how managed cloud-based DaaS solutions can be a complete solution for your organization, contact Evolve IP today.

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