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Shooting For the Clouds: Congratulations to Jay Wright, the Villanova Wildcats and #Novanation

NOVA madnes, #novanation
April 5, 2016 / Evolve IP

With 4.7 seconds on the clock Wildcats Forward Kris Jenkins inbounded the ball to Tournament MVP Ryan Arcidiacono. The senior captain dribbled 6 times – two with his left hand, four with his right – and found himself at the top of the key; just 1.7 seconds remained.

The next play took everyone in the building, including the Tar Heels by surprise. Villanova’s heart and soul, a light’s out shooter, dished the ball to the trailing Jenkins who, with half a second on the clock, let fly a life-altering three for the ages.

Jenkins stood statuesque watching the ball arch down, kiss the back left of the rim and fall through the netting as time expired. Jenkins drove his arms up as streamers and confetti fell from heavens. His teammates swarmed him and the #novanation exploded knowing Villanova had completed a most remarkable tourney run exactly where they were just months earlier … #1 in the nation. Champions. Winners.

Of course there was no luck in that play. The blueprint for success had been carefully architected and tested. And, ultimately, it was executed perfectly by the full team. It was designed by Jay Wright, the 2016 Naismith Coach of the Year, and a man driven by teamwork, effort and preparedness.

Back in 2015, just a few weeks before Villanova first claimed stake to being number 1, Evolve IP announced that Coach Jay Wright had become our company’s spokesperson. The qualities that drive Coach Wright, and the high-performing team he has recruited and mentored, have great parallels with the associates and leadership at Evolve IP. For example:

  • A Great Team – Just like the Wildcats, Evolve IP recruits the best talent. And while we have loads of stars – you have to fit in with the culture, work as a team and put forth great effort – prima donnas need not apply. Ultimately, this pays off in numerous ways. With great people come amazing products and a great customer experience – how many businesses do you know have a 98% annual customer retention rate and customer raves like this?
  • Roll-up the sleeves attitude – One of the most amazing parts of the Championship game occurred just before the final play when Daniel Ochefu, Villanova’s 6’11”forward, picked up the rag broom to clean off the sweat from the floor. Knowing full well that he would be key to the next play he made himself accountable to his team (and ‘Nova fans everywhere) to ensure its success. That kind of reliability and personal accountability is the same attitude that we bring to the table at Evolve IP and another reason why our customers love us.
  • Winning – We’re obviously thrilled that Villanova has some new hardware and we’re proud of our own accomplishments as well. In 2015 alone we won numerous ‘best of’ product awards, were named one of the “Top Private Companies in the Nation” by Entrepreneur Magazine as well as winning numerous accolades for growth, best places to work and professional development.
  • Preparedness – Jay Wright had the right strategy to win the game and the team was able to execute the plan perfectly. It was a play they had practiced every day during the “Wildcat Minute” – a late-game scenario drill. It’s also a lesson every business can learn from. Evolve IP’s cloud services allow businesses to survive the “late game scares” that occur with alarming frequency to almost every organization: server failures, network issues, environmental disasters and more. Using Evolve IP’s award-winning cloud communications and cloud computing services enables business continuity and provides the ultimate in preparedness and security. Click for our complimentary business continuity checklist – it will either help you get started with a plan, or help ensure you have all of the elements you need in your current strategy.

Congratulations to Jay Wright and the Villanova Wildcats!

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