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Do you know what your call center reps are saying? Do you know what customers are saying back? More importantly, do you know the general tone, sentiments, and predictable outcomes of those conversations?

The inherent data contained in voice-based conversations is a goldmine for any business, and it is harvested through speech analytics software.

New technology has refined speech analytics software to a point of precision. Now, business leaders can easily see trends, norms, red flags, and more. Using voice analytics strategically can support overarching goals for better employee performance and customer experiences.

For a call center with an eye to growth, leveraging this technology well is mission-critical.

Read on to learn more about call center speech analytics software, including the best speech analytics software options and what the data means.

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What is Speech Analytics Software?

Speech analytics software is part of the technology that supports unified communications. Its primary function is to analyze recordings of live customer calls. Most often, it is powered by sophisticated speech recognition software. This software uses advanced tech to identify words, evaluate audio patterns, and even flag signs of emotion in a speaker’s voice.

The amount of insight that can be generated by speech analytics software is immense.

Any business with a call center or regular, voice-based interactions with customers can benefit from speech analytics software by learning things that include:

  • The specific capabilities and performance of a call center employee
  • Phrases, wording, or messaging that are routinely used and may be out of compliance or protocol
  • Averages not just for technical details (call duration, outcome, etc.) but for less tangible elements, such as warmth, friendliness, receptivity, or opposite sentiments
  • How customers react to certain scripts, wording choices, product descriptions, offers, and more
  • Which types of conversations best predict either loyalty or churn

As speech analytics solutions perform their core functions, it is increasingly considered an essential element in the broader scope of business intelligence. Continuously gathering data for analysis, business leaders can be armed not just with the facts but with the impressions and human components that will improve operations.

Features of the Best Speech Analytics Software

What should you look for in call center speech analytics software? There are a few core features that any useful software program or system should include.

Integration With Business Apps

Most companies already have a full tech stack of business apps that support communication. These facilitate email, messaging, voicemail, phone calls, video calls, and more. For companies with enterprise resource planning tools in place, it’s important that any speech analytics software system easily integrate. There should be ease of installation and implementation that introduces no friction for the end-user.

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Voice Intelligence

Emerging technology is now available that offers “voice intelligence services.” Using artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and other elite technologies, you can not only review recorded calls and view aggregate analytics, you can get interpretive and predictive capabilities. This means being able to see more deeply into “why” the data says what it does, and forecast strategic changes that will ensure increasingly improved customer conversations and service.

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Real-time analytics

Real-time speech analytics benefits the agent and the customer.

Imagine this: a prospect calls in and has a perfectly pleasant conversation with a rep. After the call, they not only refuse to respond to feedback requests but post a randomly negative review of your company online.

What in the world happened?

Real-time speech analytics software will tell you, right away, what was said to turn the customer off or when the tone/tenor of the conversation shifted. It will empower leadership and management to intervene, following up directly with the customer as soon as possible to mitigate any damage.

Speech Analytics in Customer Service

Speech analytics serves customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle. This is not only important for winning new customers but for customer retention as well.

Here’s a scenario: a long-time customer takes a renewal call for their account. The rep follows the script, and the customer does not renew. They churn. Why? Knowing why is imperative if you are going to do something about it. What need did this conversation not meet? What wasn’t covered? Did the customer give any hint or indication that they were thinking of leaving for an alternate provider or that they were unhappy?

There are nuances to these conversations that the rep may not pick up at the moment, but leadership certainly can. Upon further review, you may quickly find the problem and have higher-level personnel reach out again in hopes of winning that customer back.

Contact Center Speech Analytics Software

Contact center speech analytics software is a powerful resource in your arsenal for business intelligence and call center growth.

At Evolve IP, we offer an ever-improving suite of unified communications tools to support your ambitions. New technology is making it more possible than ever to gain insight into what customers want, how they feel, and how you can best serve them. Contact center speech analytics software is one of the many ways to be armed with the right information to make intelligent business decisions.

Regardless of your existing tech stack, Evolve IP has something for you. Enhance your company’s ability to communicate, collaborate, and win business. Visit this page to learn more about call recording software with voice AI, or request info by calling (877) 459-4347.

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