Top 8 Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Benefits

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Top 8 Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Benefits

While the global pandemic of 2020 and 2021 started the move toward more flexible IT infrastructure, the benefits of leveraging a remote workforce are making Desktop as a Service (DaaS) one of the fastest-growing trends in IT.

Let’s explore some key DaaS benefits.

Top DaaS Benefits

Desktop as a Service offers many advantages to both companies and their employees. The ability for users to quickly and securely connect and access enterprise systems allows hybrid and remote workforce models to flourish. But that’s certainly not the only DaaS benefit. Below you’ll find some of the most common and impactful benefits of implementing a DaaS system into your business or organization.

1. Remote Work and BYOD Capabilities

DaaS solutions free up your workforce to operate from anywhere, on any device, at any time. From coffee shops to home offices to your company’s headquarters, DaaS solutions are accessible from virtually any location — as long as users have a reliable internet connection. Users can even securely log in from their own device, making a bring your own device (BYOD) model more feasible.

No matter where users are connecting from, they can still benefit from secured, governed access to company systems. For traveling executives, hybrid workers, and global teams, DaaS helps deliver freedom and flexibility when you need it most.

2. Skirt Supply Chain Issues and Onboard More Quickly

Purchasing hardware has never been more difficult. Supply chain shortages, including the recent chip shortage, have limited IT team’s access to laptops and data center equipment.

DaaS enables your team to deploy a powerful virtual desktop experience on older hardware or an employee’s personal device. Onboarding new employees can be done rapidly and consistently, regardless of the hardware chosen.

3. Top-Notch Security Features

Most security breaches happen at the edge of a network. With DaaS, applications and software operate inside the cloud — limiting the vulnerability of end-user devices. Additionally, cloud service providers often function with higher levels of security, going much deeper than in-house IT departments.

That's not all of the security benefits of a DaaS solution. DaaS also helps keep data secure and privacy intact while eliminating the use of shadow IT.

4. Free Up Your IT Department

IT teams have a lot on their hands. From dealing with everyday issues to managing changes in IT infrastructure, the more time you can free up, the more your IT teams can focus on important, higher-level projects.

Implementing a DaaS solution limits the constant upkeep required when managing physical desktop lifecycles. This is because a company’s VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) is hosted in the cloud and managed by a third-party provider, requiring less maintenance and upgrades for your IT team.

5. Minimal Upfront Investment

Developing traditional IT infrastructure for desktop computing requires quite a lot of hardware. From servers to software licenses and everything in between, all these devices cost money and take time to set up. DaaS solutions offer a simple, no-fuss alternative to these often costly and laborious legacy practices.

Additionally, DaaS providers often operate using a subscription-based model. This limits the upfront investment on the side of the business and allows for efficient adoption to get users up and running.

6. Keep Up with Business Trends

The IT world moves quickly. DaaS solutions provide organizations with ample room to grow and adapt to new business trends and technological advances.

Scaling is a huge advantage for businesses leveraging DaaS solutions. Take for example, onboarding. Onboarding additional users without a DaaS solution requires IT professionals to add new physical desktops and applications for each user. With DaaS, adding new hires is quick, efficient and, most importantly, secure.

7. Promote Sustainability Efforts

In 2021, the world produced an estimated 57 million tonnes of e-waste. That’s around the weight of the Great Wall of China. DaaS solutions reduce an organization's reliance on physical IT infrastructure, thereby limiting the amount of waste an organization produces.

Adopting sustainable and green practices is becoming increasingly necessary for organizations to remain relevant in the eyes of consumers. Not only are customers keen to see businesses embrace sustainability, but potential employees are also taking a closer look at a company’s carbon footprint when deciding whether to apply for positions. In this tight labor market, a company’s sustainability record could mean the difference between nabbing or retaining the best talent or watching them go to a competitor.

8. Predictable Budget

When it comes to budget, DaaS makes things much more predictable. Remember that physical IT infrastructure requires not only costly updates and maintenance, but adding more users means adding more desktops, servers, and software. This makes planning a budget quite difficult and dynamic.

Providers often package DaaS as a subscription-based service. Even if you are adding new users daily, you can expect a reasonably predictable budget. When unexpected maintenance or security breaches occur, they very rarely hit an organization's budget when DaaS solutions are in use.

How the Right DaaS Provider Can Make Implementation Easy

While DaaS may seem simple as a concept, in reality, you’ll need to make quite a few decisions regarding features and functionality. The right DaaS provider will be able to walk you through your options and find the right solution for your organization. This could mean:

  • Multi-tenant environments
  • Public cloud offerings
  • Flexible options
  • End-user devices
  • Security features
  • Legacy application management

A quality provider will help you understand your goals and usage needs. They will help guide you and your users through the implementation process, closely working with internal IT teams. At the end of the day, the goal for a true IT partner should be finding the right solution for your organization, not selling a service.

DaaS Solutions for Any Workforce Model

Every organization has different needs. Moreover, with the rise of remote workforce trends across industries, the need for adaptable strategies for hybrid work is becoming a requirement for modern organizations. DaaS solutions have the capacity to meet the needs of virtually any workforce model, improving the experience for both employees and customers, while centralizing technology management.

With Evolve IP, clients get a true IT ally. We partner with clients to bring together their essential productivity and communication tools into a single, secure, cloud-based solution, fine-tuned for the hybrid workforce and delivered as a service. So, no matter how locations, tools, and partners shift over time, you have a solution that makes the future of work better for everyone. Ready to learn more? Connect with our team today.

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