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One of the core features of a virtual desktop interface (VDI) system is increased security. Why? VDI for financial services, whether it’s implemented on-premises or through a third-party solution provider, centralizes the most important components of a company’s IT system including operating systems, applications, software, and data.

That means IT professionals can keep a tighter rein on these mission-critical systems with only one primary area to protect, upgrade, and monitor. All users access needed applications and data through virtual machines or mobile devices, storing nothing on their own personal computers or systems.

This is particularly important and beneficial for financial services companies that work with myriads of personal and sensitive information every day.

Is my current virtual desktop service future-proofed?

Investing in new technology is always a bit of a double-edged sword today. Failing to do so puts an organization potentially behind its competition; doing so rapidly can be a costly investment that could be outdated in only a few short years.

It’s critical for financial service businesses to future-proof as many of their technology investments as possible so that benefits can continue to accrue over time. One way to future-proof VDI for financial services is to partner with a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solution provider that brings expertise and years of experience to the table.

Here are some things to seek:

  • Experience working with investment firms, banks, private equity, accounting and insurance.
  • Ability to deliver seamless communication and collaboration using industry-leading tools.
  • Track record of driving customer acquisition and retention.
  • Knowledge in reducing cost and simplifying IT management.
  • Expertise in data security, privacy rules, and regulatory compliance.
  • Dedication to continuous improvement on customers’ behalf.

A third-party solution provider that’s focused on these key areas and always working to improve the product it delivers to its financial services customers will help ensure a future-proofed VDI system.

How is VDI security better than other solutions?

With cybercrime on the rise in terms of both quantity and sophistication, it’s no wonder that there are hundreds of cybersecurity products on the market today. Many organizations struggle with nearly innumerable vulnerability points, and vendors are ready to provide solutions.

Determining whether VDI security is better than other leading solutions on the market requires an understanding of how VDI works. The precursor to VDI was virtual private networks (VPN), which attempted to establish a protected connection on a public network. However, the strength of VPNs was in areas of privacy, not necessarily security. During the recent global pandemic, businesses were forced to rapidly expand VPNs in order to provide remote access to critical applications and data as employees were sent home.

While productivity relied on this access, the expansion of VPNs along with the use of home routers, shaky Wi-Fi connections, and unsecured personal devices, also increased vulnerabilities exponentially. Bad actors were ready to take advantage; CNBC reported that cybercrime surged during the pandemic. Unfortunately, point solutions were extremely limited in the level of protection available.

Financial organizations seeking a more secure way to manage endpoint devices, remote access methods, event, and incident monitoring, and backup and recovery frequently turned to VDI solutions.

DaaS partners proved to be able to significantly improve IT security as mission-critical data, applications, and software were centralized in a secure cloud storage system. This state-of-the-art security system used multi-factor authentication, redundancy, and sophisticated recovery protocols to provide an unprecedented level of protection from cybercriminals.

Top VDI security best practices

Working with an experienced DaaS solution provider can help an organization stay on top of best practices and experience many significant benefits overall. After all, a third-party vendor’s core business is to provide the most advanced levels of security possible to best serve its customers.

Here are top best practices:

  • Geographically diverse data centers. One advantage of cloud storage is the ability to build redundancies in different geographical areas. This protects business continuity in the case of unpredictable weather or geopolitical events.
  • Agility in user management. Ensuring that every team member has exactly the number of privileges needed at any given moment, no more or less, is critical to security. The ability to scale privileges or even employees quickly and efficiently will reduce vulnerabilities.
  • IT expertise. Having a professional IT staff well-versed in security issues is a significant asset, especially in today’s tight labor market. Working with a third-party solution provider can provide access to those professionals when and where they are most needed.

How do VDI solutions integrate into the financial sector?

Simply having a VDI solution is not enough for any financial business. It must integrate seamlessly into other technological solutions and become part of an accepted and appreciated workflow.

For example, banks, investment firms, and private equity companies often rely on communication and collaboration tools that facilitate productivity between team members and departments. Finding a VDI solution provider that can integrate with leading systems such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, or Microsoft Teams can help bring security benefits into a larger work environment.

Playing well with CRM, back-office systems, or even proprietary solutions would be an added benefit, allowing the VDI to truly optimize the value it brings to an organization.



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