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Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is becoming a pillar of today’s remote and hybrid workforce, providing the flexibility, accessibility, and security needed by companies to manage employees separated by distance and time zones. VDI software solutions can help organizations implement an infrastructure as well as integrate existing systems to provide an easy-to-manage and seamless experience for both employer and end-users. 


What is VDI-as-a-Service? 

VDI-as-a-Service is an offering provided by a third-party company that specializes in VDI software solutions. 

Virtual desktops allow employees, customers, or other stakeholders to have an individual desktop experience with familiar icons, windows, and folders as end users. The actual applications, operating system, and data are centrally and securely stored in the cloud instead of on individual devices. When end users require access, only the needed information is sent through the network to individual client devices. 

VDI-as-a-Service is provided for an agreed-upon monthly subscription fee and can be customized with the features each company desires. Not only is the cost substantially lower than setting up an internal VDI system, but businesses can easily scale the number of users up or down as needed, paying for what they require to do business. 


Can VDI Solutions Be Easily Integrated into a Hybrid Model Workforce? 

Not only can VDI solutions be easily integrated into a hybrid workforce environment, but they are also paramount to establishing one in the first place. 

By providing consistent access, virtual desktops allow end users to be productive from anywhere using their own desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. This allows employees to have the same desktop experience regardless of whether they are on the go or they are working from their home or office.  

Organizations that have seasonal or peak periods can easily add or remove virtual desktops by simply and quickly changing access and privileges from the central system. And with security a major concern in today’s remote and hybrid workforce environment, VDI solutions can enforce IT governance and security protocols across all end users, regardless of their device. 


What are the Benefits of Cloud VDI Solutions? 

Cloud VDI solutions can be expected to deliver many benefits to today’s businesses: 

  • Better Work Environment. Most importantly, organizations will create a better work environment for hybrid and remote employees. When team members can have a consistent desktop experience at any device, it will significantly reduce job frustration. 
  • Increased Productivity. Naturally following from a better environment is greater productivity. Ready access to all files, data, apps, and software means that employees can get their jobs done any time, from anywhere. 
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction. Happier, more productive employees then trickle down to superior customer service for your clients. 
  • Readiness for Developing Technologies. The pace of technological developments will continue to accelerate. Cloud VDI solutions make it easy to adopt and integrate future solutions. 
  • Unburden IT Staff. By shifting VDI to a third-party solution provider, companies can focus precious IT resources on mission-critical goals and needs. 
  • Attract Top Talent. With the best employees in high demand, organizations need to find ways to create flexible and productive environments that are appealing to the best and the brightest. 

What to Look for in VDI Solutions Software 

 With a myriad of VDI solution providers on the market today, it can be a challenge to find the right partner. Here are some things to consider during a search for a VDI partner: 

  • Seamless Interface. With remote and hybrid workers often isolated in their homes or on the road, companies must create a seamless user interface that is familiar, simple to use, and intuitive to maximize productivity. Avoid platforms that require multiple logins to access needed data or software and look for a solution that integrates workplace tools in a browser setting. 
  • Central Management. Be sure the provider offers centralized management of operating systems, applications, and software for maximum efficiency. This can ease updates, troubleshooting, and maintenance requirements for the entire team. 
  • Best-of-Breed Tools. Next to a secure and flexible infrastructure, having easy access to industry-standard communication and collaboration tools is critical to a remote or hybrid workforce. Look for a solution that seamlessly integrates the two. 
  • Business Continuity. Be sure all internal and external stakeholders can work together productively, regardless of time zones and geographic locations. Redundancy and backup protocols should ensure that unexpected events will not significantly affect day-to-day operations. 

What Does VDI Infrastructure Look Like? 

An effective VDI infrastructure has several key components that work together like a well-oiled machine. Here are the primary elements: 

  • Consistent Experience. Whether employees, customers, or stakeholders are logging from an on-prem desktop, a home-based laptop, or a smartphone in the airport, the end-user experience should be exactly the same. 
  • Fully Compliant. The infrastructure must be compliant with industry privacy and security regulations and standards. 
  • Secure, Centralized Management. Based in the cloud, a VDI infrastructure should include secure storage and management of data, applications, and software in centralized data centers. 
  • Seamless Integration. Popular workplace communications and collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex, should be seamlessly integrated within the VDI infrastructure so that productivity can be maximized. 
  • BYOD Capability. With employees often logging in from multiple devices over the course of a week, it’s critical that a VDI infrastructure can keep these personal devices secure as well as eliminate vulnerabilities to the centralized system. 
  • Security Features. Web-based dashboards eliminate requests to constantly reset passwords and help employees access needed data from any device. Detailed reports and alerts can flag any unsuccessful logins or password changes. 


Evolve IP partners with IT professionals to make the future of work better by seamlessly integrating their essential productivity tools into a single, secure solution, fine-tuned for the hybrid workforce. Learn how to make your case for a hosted VDI solution and how it can help you establish or build your hybrid or remote work environment. For more information on Evolve IP’s Work Anywhere workplace productivity solutions, contact us today. 

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