What is a White Label VoIP?

Sep 13, 2019

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is pervasive today. If you’ve been on Skype, you’ve experienced VoIP. Even if your business is still using traditional landlines, odds are good you’re talking to someone who is using VoIP. It offers many advantages. Then, there’s white label VoIP and its benefits. This article will give you the know-how you need.

With VoIP you use your broadband Internet connection to make and receive calls. VoIP turns voice conversation into data packets sent between the two network points. Bypassing traditional or mobile phones, VoIP users avoid long-distance or extra minute charges.

VoIP setups can offer features such as voicemail and call forwarding, at no extra charge. You might also enjoy the benefits of voicemail transcription and call recording.

Going with a VoIP solution also nets cost savings from reducing and consolidating communications infrastructure. Further, streamlining voice, data, and broadband services with one provider can cut costs. With VoIP, you can also reduce your investment in setting up and maintaining traditional communications.

All that addresses the advantages businesses are enjoying with VoIP. So, where does white label VoIP come in? That’s up next.


White Label VoIP Solutions

White Label VoIP provides your business with the opportunity to offer all the benefits of VoIP to your customers. Instead of investing time and money in designing and developing this new service, you’d purchase a white label product to sell as your own.

Your VoIP partner will have built a generic VoIP solution that your company can brand as its own. Your business expands its revenue stream and reaches growth goals efficiently by rolling out the pre-developed solution to its loyal audience. This also helps keep your customers happy. By giving them access to white label VoIP, you’re addressing their pain points and helping them to achieve their goals more efficiently.

Now is a good time to get into the VoIP marketplace. The VoIP market is projected to surpass $55 billion by 2025, according to Market Study Report LLC. The company attributes the growth to factors such as:

  • Increased demand for cost-effective communication solutions to support enterprise mobility
  • Favorable government initiatives for the development of the wireless telecommunications infrastructure
  • Rapid expansion of businesses across domestic and international regions
  • Business need to improve communication and collaboration
  • Heavy investment in wireless telecommunication technologies supporting VoIP (such as 4G/LTE and upcoming 5G networks)
  • Appeal of eliminating the need to invest in any hardware equipment and being able to offer cloud-based communications regardless of device preference

Another reason white label VoIP is so attractive? Cloud-based VoIP solutions enable businesses to scale up or down as needed, cost-effectively. As there’s no physical hardware to set up, VoIP is easy to install. The business doesn’t have to wait for the telephone company to come out and add additional lines. With VoIP it can quickly expand the number of users with little to no added cost.

Managed VoIP is in demand. In fact, the segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12% through 2025 as organizations seek to minimize initial setup and hardware maintenance costs. Meeting that need is where your business steps in with white label VoIP.

You might also look into launching your own VoIP call center or VoIP contact center using white labeling. The service provider you work with could offer a prepackaged solution that you can make your own. Meanwhile, you’ve jumped over the R&D stage, avoided beta testing, and can count on your solution to have been fine-tuned already.


White Label VoIP Considerations

Call quality is a common concern about VoIP. VoIP phone business systems do need a strong Internet connection to work well. Yet high bandwidth is more readily available today. Also, when you don’t have to worry about competing traffic, the quality of a VoIP call can surpass an analog one.

Security is another concern. Remember, though, landline or cell phone aren’t that secure to start. Most VoIP service providers encrypt calls. Plus, when the customer runs the VoIP solution over their private network, the data is as secure as any other application running on that business system.

Seen the old boxy cellphones that are as big as the person’s head? We look at those and laugh. Traditional landline communications are on their way to being that old school. Get into the VoIP market today with white label VoIP.

When looking to add white label VoIP offerings to your product portfolio, work with a vendor who has an established reputation with the technology. Evolve IP’s Gartner-noted communications solutions provide crystal clear voice services, award-winning business collaboration tools like video, chat, web conferencing, and screen sharing, and more. Contact us today!

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