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It’s hard to overestimate the power of data. Today’s top businesses are constantly looking for efficient ways to extract powerful insights from data to spur growth and innovation. One emerging area of focus is conversational data, which includes everything from customer service voice data to sales call transcripts, and everything in between. 

Collecting conversational data and drawing actionable conclusions was once a fully manual operation. With innovative platforms like Dubber, this is no longer the case. Using modern advances in AI and other technologies, teams can develop efficient and reliable systems to manage and analyze data.  

Ready to learn more about unified cloud call recording and voice AI? Let’s take a quick dive into the technology and learn how it can help your organization grow to meet today’s modern business challenges. 


How Unified Cloud Call Recording and Voice AI Works 

Managing data from video calls, voice chats, and texts across all communication channels and endpoints is a monumental task. Moreover, developing clear and actionable insights from that data is almost impossible to accomplish by hand. Leading tech research and consulting firm, Gartner, predicts 80% of B2B sales interactions will occur in digital channels by 2025. This shift means businesses will need to adapt practices to meet new trends through digital data. 

Using modern advances in artificial intelligence (AI), signal processing, and natural language processing (NLP), Evolve IP offers an all-in-one solution that captures all of your conversational recordings to deliver robust analytical data that powers critical business insights. 

Here’s the “how”: 



The first powerful feature of the Dubber platform is unified conversational recording. Whether data is coming from calls, video chats, or texts, the platform captures every piece of information across telephony, mobile, VoIP, contact center, and more. Enjoy secure and compliant recording without the need for costly hardware or storage. 



The platform not only creates a unified look into all your conversational data, but finding information is made simple through rich AI-powered metadata and Elasticsearch. Leveraging Elasticsearch, users can probe conversations using custom metadata parameters to find exactly what they’re looking for and set keyword alerts to stay on top of growing trends.  



Powered by Voice Intelligence Cloud, users can extract rich insights from conversational data using the world’s top technologies. Quickly understand trends in your business that can help improve the customer experience and streamline daily operations. Alongside the powerful reporting capabilities, you can efficiently track and monitor variables like customer sentiment, call-center performance, or keyword and competitor mentions, in real time. 


The Power of Conversational Intelligence 

As a powerful AI platform, Dubber provides unparalleled access to robust conversational data. It’s much more than a collection of valuable data, though. With best-in-class transcription services using true AI and NLP technology, you can quickly optimize language processing performance and take advantage of features like automatic language recognition. 

The platform's NLP technology can also provide deep behavior analytics and sentiment analysis for each conversation. Combine it all, and businesses can leverage this powerful platform to gain a clearer understanding of their customers. 

Where does this technology shine? As part of a comprehensive ecosystem, typified by Evolve IP’s unified communication solutions. 

Sales teams can review client calls to help refine and define strategies to improve effectiveness, identify weaknesses, and act on opportunities. From a customer service perspective, contact center and support teams can use AI-powered insights to track client issues and refine new employee training programs to meet changing customer sentiments. 

For industries like healthcare, this next-gen tech can help transform remote patient care. Having a unified conversation platform using AI means simplified monitoring and supervision to help maintain workplace standards not just for security and compliance but also for patient engagement. 


Seamless Integration into Existing Communication Systems 

Evolve IP works directly with the providers of this technology to redefine how businesses use voice data. The API seamlessly integrates with your existing business software, tools, and CRM systems to deliver insights and results. 

  • Work with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and Global Enterprise Voice to efficiently deliver solutions across your entire organization  
  • The platform provides enterprise-grade controls to manage compliance. Records and transcripts are always compliant and adapting to compliance mandates is effortless. 
  • Users can also connect and automate records and data using the Voice Intelligence Cloud. This unlimited and scalable secure storage solution easily connects to the apps you use most.  

From Salesforce to Tableau, enjoy the benefits of unified conversational data and powerful analytics across multiple platforms and all departments. 

Using the platform means moving away from the cost and complexity of multi-vendor and legacy call recording solutions. This simplification means leadership teams have a straightforward approach to managing conversational data, which equals less time and capital spent managing outdated systems. For example, teams could connect crystal clear transcriptions and keyword tags into a CRM instantly to optimize sales performance and improve order accuracy. 


Evolve IP and Dubber — A Winning Combination 

While the future of business communications will certainly leverage AI and adjacent technologies to spur growth, the global pandemic forced many organizations to quickly adopt new solutions in the face of unprecedented change. With call centers and other workforce sectors going remote, organizations require adaptable systems to meet enterprise-level needs for communication. 

With Evolve IP’s Unified, Omnichannel CCaaS system, businesses can quickly provide agents and other workers access to the critical applications they need to get the job done. It’s more than meeting the current demand for remote and hybrid workforce solutions, though; it’s about creating lasting improvements to enterprise-level communication systems. 

Call recording software with voice AI capabilities are some of the powerful features of Evolve IP’s CCaaS offering. Utilizing technology like Dubber helps organizations take a single approach to voice data that incorporates 100% of calls, chats, and videos across systems like Microsoft Teams or Contact Center. 

Ready to start with Evolve IP’s CCaaS solution? Contact our team to learn more about how we improve the user experience for both employees and customers, while centralizing technology management. 

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