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What Makes One Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Provider Better than Another?

November 14, 2015 / Evolve IP

When evaluating a virtual desktop service, price will always be an important factor, however it should never be the sole decision point when selecting a cloud service provider. Organizations that determine which provider to select based on pricing alone will usually get what they pay for – which is not usually a good thing.

The best way to determine what makes one Desktop as a Service (DaaS) service provider better than another, you should think about the best questions you should ask when choosing a provider.

VMware DaaS For Dummies Guide

Physical desktop computers with locally installed operating systems and applications no longer make sense for the modern business world.

Here are some of the key questions:

  • How does the DaaS service provider handle business continuity? This is an important question because network and others issues can occur and you don’t want your organization’s productivity to grind to a halt. If a provider doesn’t have sophisticated / redundant architecture and software, coupled with a thorough business continuity plan – run away!
  • Can I manage my own desktops if we go with this service provider? Many service providers require you to contact them and submit tickets and wait in their customer service queue to manage your cloud desktops. This can really slow things down for your organization. Look for a self-service solution where customers have the ability to fully manage, add and delete desktops for their own associates. More details on the kinds of capabilities can be found in this video.
  • Do I have to use exactly what the service provider is giving me, or do I have customizations that I can provision and manage my own virtual desktops? While some services are completely customizable, other providers may lock down the ability to customize. This can lead to efficiency drops and make it so your organization can’t perform day-to-day operations.
  • What happens to the old desktops when Im done with them? With a service provider that does not offer a self-service solution, you are at the mercy of the service provider’s timeline to purge unused desktops. With a self-service DaaS solution, customers manage their own adds and removals through a self-service portal. This means they can be assured first-hand that the old desktops have really been deleted.
  • How can I recycle old virtual desktops and where does the user data or profile go when I do this? Redirecting user data to the company’s file server is a proven VMware best practice. Some service providers may not follow best practices, which could result in data loss or security issues, which is why this is an important question.

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