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Planning to develop your own new technology offering? While doing it yourself may be rewarding at home, for your business it can make more sense to take advantage of these white label pros.

White labeling lets your business purchase a ready-made product or service. You don’t have to do the heavy lifting of design or development. Instead, you buy something your business only has to brand and market. When it comes to software, your organization can add to its service offerings via white labeling too.

So what are the specific white label pros that might lead you to opt for white-labeling? Put simply, white labeling lets you:

  • Increase your distribution more quickly, reliably
  • Reduce the resources expended in design and development
  • Expand brand and boost visibility
  • Strengthen customer relationship by becoming the go-to one-stop solution
  • Enjoy profit opportunities from setting price on white label offering
  • Bundle white label product or service with your own offerings
  • Optimizes product line more immediately
  • React more quickly to market trends
  • Lessen commercial risk by piggybacking on vendor’s expertise and experience

There are many good reasons to go with a white labeled solution. Designing and developing mobile apps, software, or cloud-based services is time-consuming. And, if you haven’t worked in that product sphere previously, you could be facing a steep learning curve along the way.

Sure, there is satisfaction from creating an original product. But without experience in that particular area, you can’t reliably predict all that will be involved. Just how long will it take? What will the impact be of your people focusing their efforts on finding solutions to issues that someone else has already fixed? What kind of costs will your research and development accrue?

Avoid the unknowns by partnering with a white label pro. Get to market more quickly. Trust that you are bringing a product or service to your customer base that will improve their overall experience. That’s how you better your brand relationship and build upon brand loyalty.


What to Watch Out for with White Labeling

We’ve addressed the many white label advantages, but it isn’t always smooth sailing. If you’re going to embark on the white label journey, it helps to be aware of these potential pitfalls.

Your business is turning to experts in that product or services area to provide a high-quality offering. Depending on your level of expertise in the area, there could be some areas of confusion. After all, you are going to the vendor to avoid having to learn everything about say Desktops as a Service or a Contact Center Solution.

Solution: Clearly outline your vision and goals for functionality. Build in a feedback loop to ensure that what your team is articulating is understood by the vendor’s people. Be on the lookout for a changing project agenda or distorted communication so that you can stop and correct course quickly.

Working with a strategic partner also means that you are reliant on an external vendor to stay on budget and keep to your deadline. That can be frustrating. Particularly when miscommunications slow the development process. Don’t risk losing money or being too late to take advantage of the window of opportunity for your new offering.

Solution: Work with a strategic partner who will involve you in the process of creation. Also select a white label pro who has experience with getting client’s vision to market accurately and expeditiously.

Considering your business goals and your customers’ requirements, you and a white label partner can determine the best fit for your next new service or software offering. White labeling is a chance to show your customers that you care about solving their problems while opening up a new potential profit stream.

Evolve IP has developed cost-effective, high-quality, and reliable white label offerings. Avoid wasting time and money on the research and development and work with a vendor that already understands the challenges of bringing a new product or service offering to market. Learn more about our white label program today!

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