Evolve Teams Features

If you’ve deployed Microsoft Teams or are planning to, you already know that it is the fastest growing collaboration platform world-wide. While Microsoft Teams solution delivers world-class collaboration features, they do not deliver an enterprise PBX and PSTN.

While some providers are able to deliver SBC and PSTN and others offer a Teams integration using a third-party app or bot, neither of these options are long-term and holistic in nature.

Evolve IP differentiates itself by integrating it’s Microsoft Teams direct routing solution with the most stable and reliable voice-communication platform, Cisco. This unique offering not only gives businesses access to advanced PBX features, but also maintains the Teams end-user experience (including mobile).

Additionally, Evolve Teams delivers critical features that most mid-size and enterprise businesses require such as:

  • Service Management via OSSmosis
  • Business Continuity
  • Receptionist Applications
  • Contact Center Features such as IVR, Callbacks, Surveys, Wallboard/Dashboard
  • CRM Integrations
  • SIP Phones with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing
  • Teams-enabled Devices

All on one platform, delivered by one provider

What’s New?

Evolve Teams Enterprise & Location Features

Voice-enable your Microsoft Teams solutions with Evolve IP’s enterprise & location features that empower team work, drive productivity and help you innovate faster.


Calling Plan – Unlimited US Domestic

More than 20 PSTN trunking carriers for call routing inbound and outbound to the PSTN with redundancy for local, toll free and international solutions.

OSSMosis Web-based Service Management

Online portal for managing Evolve Teams Enterprise solutions and features with integrations to Microsoft Office 365 as made available via API to Evolve IP.

Evolve IP Project Management and Implementation Specialists

Professional project management team skilled in voice implementations, porting of local, toll-free, and international phone numbers, scheduling of technical and training resources, and coordinating client activations.

Evolve IP 24x7x365 Client Support Center

World-class client support using domestic Evolve IP professional associates to complete client change requests and handle service issues for the Evolve Teams Enterprise Voice solutions.

Location Main Number Routing & Business Continuity Options

Hunt groups, time schedules, selective call forwarding, and business continuity options for professionally routing main numbers for each client location for incoming call from the PSTN.

Hunt Groups

Allows users to handle incoming PSTN calls received by a Hunt Group from any of the following a ring patterns: Simultaneous, Circular, Regular, or Uniform.  Users can also establish a No Answer Policy to redirect calls to another phone number or voicemail if unanswered.

Call Center – Unlimited ACD Queues

Configure basic to advanced call centers to allow agents to log in and out, queue PSTN incoming calls that cannot be answered immediately based on several routing policies, inclused skill-based routing, DNIS, and disposition codes.  Overflow and redirect calls when the group cannot accept calls, and to provide music for callers on hold.  Manage call center policies, agents, supervisors, and call recording via the OSSmosis web-based portal.  Agents, supervisors, dashboards, and analytics are sold separately.

Platform API

Provide clients with an API to the Evolve IP voice platform for clients to write their own applications for call events, services with contact center, wallboards, notifications, and more.

User Features by Seat Type

Deciding the right Teams package can be tough. Here is a side-by-side comparison of Evolve IP’s voice-enabled Teams solution. For more information, please contact us.