CARS sees year-over-year
Increase in Donations of $9 Million

Deploys tailored Contact Center with Cisco VoIP and Unified Communications to handle over a million calls.

The Problem

On-premise PBX and call center systems had physical and technical limitations that were hindering the ability to grow.

The Solution

Integrated omnichannel contact center, unified Cisco VoIP voice, and unified communications.

The Result

99.999% uptime, improved agent performance, hiring expansion with Work Anywhere capabilities.

“The system’s been bulletproof. Period. I don’t know how else to say it. I mean, the volume, the expansion, and the reliability. It’s been bulletproof…We don’t worry about our call center’s stability anymore. And for me, a CEO, my lifeblood is the call center generating our revenue and our customer service – it’s a great feeling.”

– Howard Pearl, Chief Executive Officer
Caritable Adult Rides and Services

Charitable Adult Rides and Services

CARS was racing along. In just a short period of time it had grown from handling vehicle donations for Jewish Family Services to supporting 3,500+ charities across the United States. However, as it grew, it became encumbered by inflexible call center software that put the brakes on its ability to expand.

It also faced a major challenge from an old, on-site PBX that was “holding on by a prayer.” While the two systems were joined together they weren’t truly integrated and as a result of the proprietary set-up, CARS was unable to apply software updates to both systems.

The result of this technologically outdated platform was that CARS was unable to take advantage of growth opportunities and agents found themselves in the slow lane handling calls.

CARS needed to find a truly integrated communications solution that could match the custom aspects of their organization’s requirements. The system would also have to provide the latest features and capabilities via automatic updates so CARS could count on their system staying current going forward.

The Solution

CARS selected Evolve IP. They were immediately attracted to the integrated contact center and IP phone system because they were able to get the custom functionality they required without fear of having an outdated solution in the future.

“Evolve IP’s ability and willingness to integrate and configure exactly what we needed lets us run our business the way we want without being left behind technologically,” said Howard Pearl, CEO of CARS.

Another benefit of working with Evolve IP has been the power of using API integrations to customize their agents’ experience. CARS has a custom CRM and working with Evolve IP’s API has allowed them to fully integrate advanced contact center capabilities, allowing their agents to manage all call functions and information on a single screen.

Company Overview


Charitable Adult Rides and Services (CARS) is a non-profit that enables vehicle donations and ride services for over 3,500 charities. They leverage Evolve IP to make agents more productive and call centers more integrated, flexible, and intelligent.

  • Omnichannel contact center
  • Cisco VoIP
  • Unified Communications as a Service

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