Block Unwanted Calls

Block unwanted calls and manage harassing robocalls annoying your employees by monitoring and managing call controls with Evolve IP’s software solution.


Your business is always on the go, and your people are busy. You don’t want your employees bothered by bots, spam, or harassing callers. Systemically block unwanted calls to your organization with ease with Evolve IP’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution.

The Feature

No one wants to answer phone calls from a bot or be harassed by voicemail spam. It’s not only an annoyance, but also a time waster that can interrupt employee efficiency and frustrate their morale. Evolve IP’s CCaaS empowers your organization to put a stop to unwanted, annoying, and harassing calls, and manage robocalls on its business lines.


Drive organizational efficiency and productivity with unwanted call blocking:


  • Monitor call activity to identify the calls to block.
  • Block callers from specific numbers or even specific area codes.
  • Free up your organization’s phone lines for business purposes.
  • Set up and select different options to respond to blocked callers.
  • Give your employees the peace of mind that annoying callers are being kept at bay.
  • Focus on your business while your phone technology handles the robocalls and spammers.
  • Enhance organizational protections against criminals and fraud by intercepting unwanted callers.

Partner with Evolve IP

Flexible call blocking from Evolve IP lets you stop specific callers from tying up your business lines. Learn more about this and other benefits of the CCaaS solution today.