The Evolved Contact Suite offers flexible reporting to meet the various needs of contact center supervisors, management, and executives. Contact Center leaders can generate real-time or scheduled reports that break down business process results to 10 minute or hourly intervals, and up to daily, weekly and monthly results. Deliver these reports in PDF, Word, CSV, or Excel for additional analysis and manipulation. Commonly used reports answer questions like:

  • When did my agents sign-in/sign-out?
  • Why are my agents unavailable?
  • How many interactions did my agents answer? Where did they spend their time? Have they been unavailable and why?
  • How many interactions came into the queue? How many were answered? Answered within our Service Level goal?
  • When are my peak intervals or those that need “back office” resources to help meet our goals?
  • What types of interactions are my agents receiving?
  • Who abandoned and after waiting how long?

Supervisor Business Process Reports

Business Process reports provide activity metrics for individual or multiple business processes. Key metrics like interaction volume, abandoned interactions, ASA and service levels are readily available. Supervisor reports give you immediate access to the customer trends driving your business and enables you to take a deep dive into the details of every customer’s unique experience when the need arises.

Supervisor Agent Reports

Agent reports provide rich insight into agent performance and behavior. At the click of a mouse, leaders have access to agent productivity metrics (calls handled, transfers, time spent on hold, etc.), time spent in various ACD states, unavailability details, and sign-in/sign-out activities. Supervisors can quickly identify coaching needs for each agent, which agents are exceeding their expectations, and process improvement opportunities.

BP Interaction Performance Report
Interaction Analysis Report
Download Our Ultimate Guide to Call Center Metrics that Matter Most

Anyone working in a call center knows how critical metrics are to a successful organization. However, many companies don’t know how to determine which metrics they need to focus on.

Evolve IP has created this guide to help call center professionals identify where to focus to maximize the value of their data.

Business Intelligence

Empower business users to make data-driven decisions.

For those organizations with the most sophisticated reporting and analytical needs, Evolve IP offers the Analyst product that allows the customer to extend the existing reports with custom fields or calculations unique to their organization. Through this powerful web-based tool, a power user can build new reports, combine existing reports, or integrate in non call center information from other systems for a more complete perspective such as revenue per call, cost per call, call to sale conversion rates, etc. Analyst is a cloud-based business intelligence platform that delivers accurate, and actionable analytics in an intuitive, self-service interface.

Evolve IP Analyst is an enterprise cloud-based BI (Business Intelligence) system that delivers accurate, and actionable analytics in an intuitive, self-service environment. Powered by Birst, an industry leader in Business Intelligence, Evolve IP Analyst includes pre-populated reports and data from the Evolved Call Center, and allows users to combine data from different source systems to get answers to their most pressing business concerns in near real time.

Cockpit Overview
Agent Summary View
Why Evolve IP Analyst?

Successful organizations require advanced report creation with quality graphics and analytics in a ready-to-publish format. Whether organizations need to visualize data; prepare, integrate and model it; or simply access easy-to-read, graphical reports on the road, Evolve IP Analyst is the answer. All components are tightly integrated and available through a single interface, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions without expensive BI tools or cobbled together Excel Spreadsheets.


  • Pre-Built Reports, Charts and Graphs: Analyst includes dozens of dashlets, covering over 70 standard metrics, which can be used as-is, or as a basis for new analysis.
  • Access: Analyst is accessed via an easy-to-use web or mobile interface, empowering business users with point-and-click control and creation of reports, dashboards and analytics.
  • Visualize: Combine information to quickly create dashboards using various visualization and chart types. Utilize drill-down, drill-anywhere, and drill-across capabilities that make delving into report details simple.
  • Collaborate: Publish reports and dashboards to other Analyst users. Schedule and distribute results via email and mobile in a variety of file formats (PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV)
  • Integrate: Compare and contrast your call center data with on-premise systems and cloud applications such as SAP BW,, NetSuite, Marketo, and Microsoft Analysis Services.
  • Customize: Birst Designer features a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface that enables business analysts to create operational reports with minimal IT support.

Key Benefits


  • Analyst enables IT to deploy an end-user friendly Business Intelligence (BI) solution in just a few days.
  • Deliver true end-user self-service while maintaining IT control.
  • Avoid additional infrastructure set up and maintenance costs.

To End Users

  • Enjoy faster, easier ways to manage ad-hoc analysis, report creation and data visualization via interactive dashboards.
  • Configure and generate reports and build queries and pivot tables through the easy-to-use interface without IT support.

Integration Detail:

For information on all of the sources of data that are available in Analyst, please visit the Birst website: