Increase productivity and enhance customer experience

Maintaining a higher average of quality calls per hour while eliminating downtime has become absolutely critical for organizations to ensure a high level of business efficiency and customer satisfaction. Evolve Contact’s Cloud Dialer provides organizations with easy-to-use dialer tools that allow agents to make more calls, to manage high call traffic, generate greater sales and enhance the bottom line.

Evolve Contact’s Cloud Dialer is built with sophisticated outbound dialing technology that is designed to increase productivity and enhance customer experience. The variety of dialers that Evolve IP offers helps improve agent’s efficiency and conversion rates. Also, it allows managers to easily manage multiple outbound calling campaigns and enjoy a more satisfied customer base.

Outbound Campaign Dialer

Evolve Contact’s Unique Set of Dialers:

Here are the dialers that Evolve Contact offers for different purposes:

Power Dialer: With our power dialer, your agents can make more calls, in less time. Since agents are not wasting time manually dialing out and looking up customer information before each call, more time is spent connecting to live prospects. Moving efficiently from call to call, your agents will experience improved contact and conversion rates and greater sales.

Preview Dialer: With a preview dialer, your agents are able to have more personalized customer interactions. Since they can preview customer information before dialing out, they are able to prepare for each call. Customers enjoy receiving calls from agents that talk to them in a familiar way. And managers will enjoy a more satisfied client base.


Evolve Contact includes advanced features that enhance outbound dialing operations with the ability to balance between business goals and workforce efficiency:

  • Import calling list files (Excel or CSV)
  • Run multiple campaigns
  • Unique Caller ID per campaign
  • Prioritize simultaneous campaigns
  • Real-time monitoring of active campaigns
  • Real-time campaign management console
  • Do Not Call (DNC) compliance
  • Blended agents
  • Answering machine, no answer, busy, etc. detection and logging
  • Agent screen pop with calling list data
  • Robust reporting