International Calling

Easily manage the global demands of your business and its customers with cost-effective, consistent international calling plans.


Your business is global. Your customers are international. Your business may be headquartered in the U.S., but by selecting a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution, you gain cost-effective, consistent international calling across all your locations.

International Calling

An international calling solution makes it simple for your contact center agents to place or receive calls from multiple countries, which empowers organizations to consistently meet customers’ global needs more cost effectively.


Businesses headquartered in the US, with offices throughout the world, can leverage Evolve IP’s award-winning hosted PBX platform to realize greater productivity gains for end users and better control management overhead costs.


Expand your global business by utilizing a familiar, locally-recognizable number at local rates. Whether you have users working remotely, or you want to generate a local presence by having an international phone number, take advantage of local numbers in more than 50 countries to easily expand your customer base and improve sales and support by advertising local numbers to your customers, partners, and vendors.

International Calling Solution Advantages

Improve communications in your Contact Center:


  • Simplify call routing between all locations and easily scale a global team.
  • Reduce management overhead by eliminating need to support disparate systems between offices.
  • Call from a local number at local rates to encourage greater call responsiveness and customer familiarity.
  • Demonstrate your value to your agents by providing them the best tools to do their job.

International Calling with Evolve IP

With Evolve IP’s international calling solution, enterprises gain a cost-effective, consistent international rate plan across all locations. Learn more about this and other CCaaS advantages!