Time-to-answer is one of the most common causes of customer frustration and annoyance with call centers. Hiring the staff to make sure that every customer is answered immediately is not realistic. But, scheduled callbacks can provide an equally satisfying customer experience in a cost-effective way.


When you show your customers that you value their limited time, you both win. With Evolve IP’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution your organization can offer customizable callbacks that suits their schedules. Responding to your customers when it is convenient to them demonstrates that your agents respect their relationships.

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Improve metrics. Reduce costs. Value customer time.

Queue Callback enables you to optimize your customer experience by offering callers the ability to request a callback based on your call center conditions. When your call center is in jeopardy, the Queue Callback jumps in to wow your customer by calling them back when an agent is available.

Why Queue Callback?

This application improves customer satisfaction by providing an alternative to waiting on hold for an agent to become available. This convenience provides a better overall customer experience for your organization that is valued across all industries. Liberate your caller from waiting in queue and allow them to opt-in to receive a call back from an available agent.

How does it Work?

After the Evolve IP hosted PBX platform identifies a call that is not going to meet your customer experience goals, Queue Callback will present the option for the caller to opt for a callback when the next agent becomes available. The platform confirms the caller’s telephone number or prompts the caller to enter the number using the keypad on their phone. The caller then hangs up and a placeholder maintains the call in queue. Once the placeholder call reaches an agent, the system will place an outbound call to the customer so a live agent is on the line when your customer answers their phone.

Call Center Callback Flow


For your call center:
  • Improve customer satisfaction by being considerate of your caller’s time and offer them a choice to receive a
    call back from an agent.
  • Reduce abandoned calls.
  • Reduce inbound toll charges since the caller is not waiting in queue.
  • Handle spikes in call volume by utilizing technology instead of adding more agents.
  • Give agents a stronger starting point as callers feel respected instead of frustrated with long wait times.
  • Schedule agent availability and geographic distribution of resources around callback trends.
  • Continue to enjoy the same level of reporting detail.
For your customer:
  • Your customers’ valuable time isn’t spent waiting in queue for an agent.
  • Your customer can continue with their activities while the system preserves their position in the call queue.
  • Reduce wait and hold times and possible burden of paying long distance rates or using up mobile minutes.
  • Offer customers the option to avoid queue music, voice prompts and reminders with a courtesy callback.

Improve metrics. Reduce costs. Value customer time with WFM

The Evolve IP Queue Callback calculator will provide you with a savings and ROI estimate based on a variety of factors including: call volume, wait & talk times and cost per call. Please feel free to give it a try!