Real-time Alerts

Real-time alerts enable managers and supervisors to improve processes and stay on target. Learn how this feature nets efficient operations and happier customers.


Customer satisfaction requires your organization to meet fluctuating contact center demands with limited resources. The business that stands out is one that can efficiently handle increasing incoming call volumes with the same number of agents and specialized teams, while interacting with customers or clients. Real-time alerts make managing and monitoring customer experience and agent efficiency much easier.

Evolve IP Real-time Alerts

About the Feature

Your contact center leadership has a great deal to monitor and manage at any given moment. With real-time alerts, your supervisors and management team can set customizable thresholds across dozens of metrics. Improve decision-making and reaction time throughout your business with alerts triggered by data from the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform. Immediately spot problems and finesse operations on the go with real-time alerts.

Advantages of Real-time Alerts

Improve contact center processes and efficiency with the ability to:


  • Make changes that have an immediate impact on call center performance
  • React in the moment to data-driven alerts
  • Respond in real-time when predetermined thresholds are met
  • Customize notifications to get feedback in real time
  • Achieve and maintain targeted service levels
  • Help managers and supervisors optimize their workforce
  • Know right away when agents are not adhering to schedules, are on calls too long, or callers are on hold for too long

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