Softphones provide flexibility as they can be operated without a handset or dedicated phone line. Place & receive calls from anywhere with software-based phones.


Your employees likely have their own preferences about how or where they work best. To retain your best workers and boost morale, you want to offer your people the most productive, effective solutions. That’s where software-based phones come into play. Softphones provide ultimate flexibility. Operating without a handset or dedicated phone line means that users can place and receive calls from anywhere — conveniently and efficiently.

What is a Softphone?

The term “softphone” refers to the piece of software making it possible for the user to make and receive telephone calls over the Internet via any software-enabled device. When operating a softphone, the underlying device — such as a PC, Mac, or, tablet — becomes the actual phone. The call traverses the available data network between that device and the telephony platform with the same clarity and consistency, so that the solution is transparent to the customers or clients.

Softphone Advantages

Softphones enhance flexibility in your Contact Center:


  • Gain efficiency when your agents can easily place calls directly from their browser or business application.
  • Eliminate the need for agents to use desk phones.
  • Enable employees to place and receive calls wherever they are on the software-enabled device of their choice.
  • Enhance your agent’s efficiency by providing the best tools for doing their job.

Partner with Evolve IP

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