Customer experience is likely to exceed price and product as the number one differentiator for companies. Yet time-to-answer remains a major frustration to customers calling into contact centers. Long wait times can result in customers abandoning their calls before even speaking with an agent. Abandoned Call Management lets you proactively contact those customers that hang up unsatisfied with your brand.

About the Feature

The digital transformation is only making our society more impatient. While in 2014 a customer might wait 13 minutes on hold, today’s research suggests that number is likely closer to under three minutes.


Being difficult to reach is not the impression your business wants to leave with customers or clients. That’s where Abandoned Call Management can come into play. This powerful tool enables agents to reach out to those customers who left the queue, helping to resolve customer issues and improving their satisfaction.

Advantages of the Abandoned Call Management

Take a proactive approach to customer service by:


  • Managing call abandonment by reaching back out to those who hang up
  • Improving customer satisfaction by resolving issues, even when the caller becomes impatient
  • Monitoring call abandonment rates by setting warnings and alerts for supervisory review
  • Demonstrating that you care about customer concerns by following up on abandoned calls.

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