No man is an island. Even in contact centers this is a true statement. Empower your agents and make processes more efficient by encouraging collaboration across agent teams. Using your Contact Center solution, your business can effectively tailor agent calling groups to best suit your business needs.

You can organize your agents to match your organizational structure with the simple functionality of the agent teams feature. Whether you want to sort agents based on skills, time of day, availability, geography, campaign, or another attribute, it’s easy to customize call routing patterns to create your unique agent teams. You can make monitoring and managing the group of agents easier by teaming agent & supervisors.

Advantages of Agent Teams

Cut down on customer frustrations:


  • Callers are routed to the agent team that can best help
  • Reduce hold time and hang-ups with personalized attention
  • Transfer calls with confidence that the customer will go to an available agent
  • Avoid language barrier confusion by pre-sorting callers to the right team
  • Enhance agent morale by creating a collaborative, team culture
  • Balance calls among your agents to keep workload fair
  • Improve customer and client satisfaction by access to the best available assistance.

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