Effective announcements can help keep customers and clients informed and make contact center management more efficient. Whether you have regularly used announcements or holiday or other important announcements, your business can conveniently store them in Evolve IP’s Announcement Repository. From there you can easily upload them for use across the entire platform.

About the Feature

Easily store and manage any announcements your business makes, while just as smoothly record new announcements (to reflect holidays or important changes) with Evolve IP’s Contact Center. Whether you wish to record a new announcement, retain an older one, or reuse a familiar greeting, all your announcement files can be stored in a simple-to-use and organized announcement repository. Plus, individual users can access the repository to upload the right announcement when they need it.

Advantages of an Announcement Repository

Streamline business processes when you:


  • Record, store, and easily manage many different media files in a common space
  • Upload announcements easily to the entire platform
  • Keep regularly used announcements in one place for ready access
  • Prepare holiday announcements and other important announcements safely in one platform
  • Control when each greeting or announcement is played
  • Provide individual users with access to announcement repositories
  • Associate announcements with campaigns, groups, customer issues or user services for smooth retrieval and review.

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