Transform your contact center with the ability to record your agent’s calls and screens. Call or screen recording helps ensure quality management and helps with coaching, compliance certainty, and liability protection while driving bottom and top-line improvements. Once calls and screens are recorded, they are stored in the cloud for easy access.

About the Feature

Maintain performance quality and service standards with Evolve IP’s Call and Screen Recording. Search, retrieve, and export recorded calls based upon criteria such as the agent, the calling party, the date/time, etc. Our  portal enables on-site or remote call quality and compliance activities.

Delivered in an economical, cloud-based model, our recordings are reliable and secure. Plus, since recordings are hosted in the Evolve IP private cloud, you can adhere to compliance and policy regulations without the risks of onsite server failure and related hardware issues.

Advantages of the Call & Screen Recording

Gain a complete view of customer and agent interactions with the benefits of being able to:


  • Mine fresh business intelligence from analysis of recordings
  • Silently monitor and coach your agents during the call
  • Review call recordings and use them to train your agents
  • Provide supervisors with the right tools that they need to improve their agent’s productivity
  • Capture recordings needed for regulatory compliance and policy adherence
  • Search, retrieve, and review recordings easily
  • Protect customer data with reliable, secure cloud storage and backup

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