Call Centers need information at their fingertips to make vital decisions about queuing, overflows and call routing. Leadership needs to determine when breaks and lunches should be scheduled or to instantly know the status of all queues and the whereabouts of every agent. Evolve IP offers multiple tools for agents, team leads, supervisors, and every member of the team to access the functionality they need to offer world class customer service.

Agent Web Client

Agent Client, provides web-based, point-and-click call control (hold, transfer, conference, pause recording, etc.), ACD state functions (sign-in, sign-out, unavailable, and available, etc.) and real-time queue statistics. This client gives agents access to the company directory, call logs, and indication as to which supervisors are available so that they can escalate to an available supervisor. The Agent Client enables agents to see call information such as which queue a call is in and how long the caller has waited. Through this client, disposition codes can be assigned to track such items as special promotions and reports generated that detail the agents’ key metrics.

Agent Windows Client

Unity Agent improves workgroup collaboration by providing visibility into the phone and availability status of other workgroup members. With Unity’s one click transfer or conference, agents can reduce the time it takes to handle each interaction. Also, advanced call center features such as selecting agent unavailability codes, assigning dispositions, controlling the outbound caller ID, etc. are readily available.

This unique tool simplifies communication and provides agents with access to real-time information such as call reporting and queue statistics. This allows agents to optimize their call handling efficiency and empowers them to make better decisions.

Call Center Dashboard

The Call Center Dashboard is a web application that delivers queue statistics and thresholds in real-time on a variety of devices from wallboards to individual PCs, Tablets, and Smartphones. With customizable views, it tells you what has happened so far today and what is happening right now. Exclusive to Evolve IP, the dashboard provides an executive view using visual alerts and email notifications based on thresholds you set to tell you what you want to know about the health of your call center. Project the Wallboard view on the wall or display on a large monitor to empower your call center staff with all the real-time metrics that drive the business.

Supervisor Client

Supervisor Client, an intuitive web-based client, provides call center leaders who are actively managing queues and agents, the ability to listen to calls, tools to monitor and change agent status, and options to prioritize and redirect calls. This tool provides true depth into your organization’s calls, including such features as silent monitoring of agents and queues, real-time status of agents and queues. Generate real-time or scheduled reports in different formats that provide detailed insights on queue and agent performance from anywhere.