Contact center agents are on the phone all day, every day; implementing even small improvements to make their work easier can make a big difference on morale and retention. You offer the ability to adopt click-to-call functionality when your business selects a Contact Center solution, and you can immediately improve call handling efficiency and accuracy.

What is Click-to-Call?

With Click-to-Call from Evolve IP, your contact center agents are saved from physically dialing phone numbers on a desktop phone. Instead your agents can simply click on any phone number, within their agent software, website, or other application, to dial quickly and accurately. This functionality is available via Teams with Evolve IP as well.

Click to Call Advantages

Click-to-Call improves communications in your Contact Center:


  • Improve efficiency by providing the tools for your agents to easily place calls directly from their business application.
  • Reduce dialing errors which can cut into the number of calls per hour and conversion rates.
  • Streamline processes and spend more time doing business.
  • Eliminate the need for agents to use desk phones
  • Enable agents to have all the client information they need available on-screen when they click-to-call.
  • Demonstrate to agents that you value their efficiency by providing the best tools with which to their job.

Click to Call with Evolve IP

Empower your employees and promote customer satisfaction with Evolve IP’s advanced click to call and other CCaaS features. Learn more today!