Call centers have evolved dramatically in the past 10-15 years from the traditional stigma of a “sweat shop” room full of people on the phone. The call center is more appropriately now called “contact center” due to the many different communication channels now handled by those teams. These specialized teams now interact with customers via email, web or mobile forms, and instant chat. Even social media interactions like a Facebook post or a tweet are now routed to a contact center agent for proper handling.

Many organizations have embraced sophisticated CRM (customer relationship management), voice of the customer, and customer experience strategies where the customer becomes the central focus of the organization. Since the contact center is the face of the organization to the customer, they now serve as the strategic central hub for marketing, branding, and customer engagement.

At the same time, there has been a proliferation of technologies that have empowered organizations to link or embed telephony capabilities directly into the business applications used every day by the contact center staff. This has empowered the contact center staff with new tools to greatly improve the customer experience. Moreover, these technologies have given organization’s tremendous insight into their customer demographics. Which customers are more profitable? Should pricing of certain products or customer segments be increased? Are certain customer prospects or promotions more likely to drive sales?

At Evolve IP, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations “telephony-enable” their business applications so agents can “click to call” a customer directly from their CRM or receive a “screen pop” that contains all the relevant information about the caller before the conversation even begins. These tools empower the agent to deliver superior customer service while simultaneously streamlining that interaction. Some organizations seek even richer integration where every call is automatically logged into the business application which empowers deeper analytical customer insights. Whether these applications are proprietary or internally-developed systems or commercially available or a cloud-based subscription, we’ve got the expertise and “pre-built connectors” to deliver this functionality for your organization.

Salesforce.com / CRM

Evolve IP natively integrates with a host of commercial CRM solutions – most notably, Salesforce.com. Considered a leader in Customer Interaction Centers and CRM, the Salesforce.com Service Cloud application provides chat, email and social interaction management. Evolve IP’s CRM integration provides:

  • Access from anywhere, on any device via the Google Chrome browser.
  • Completely independent of hardware or OS.
  • Automated call logging in Activity History records for both inbound and outbound calling including call direction and date/time stamp.
  • Screen-pop with contact lookup based on caller ID.
  • Subject note, detailed notes, call tags and billable events can easily be updated and written directly into the Activity History record.
  • Click-to-dial from leads, contacts, and any phone number listed inside the Salesforce.com application.
  • Easy navigation to various modules (Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases) from the call log window.
  • Call window for searching Contacts, access to call history, and favorites/speed dials.
  • Missed call notifications.

Other Business Applications or CRM solutions

Evolve IP integrates with other CRMs that feature ticketing, including ConnectWise, Sugar, vTiger, Maximizer, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and many more.


  • Productivity:Your agent efficiency and productivity will vastly increase, which means improved service levels for your customers.
  • Insight:You will gain new insights into your customer experience that enable you to make data-driven business decisions.
  • Intelligence:You will not only know how many times a customer interacted with your organization, or across which channels they interacted, but you will also know the revenue-per-call or the call to lead-to-customer conversion success and much more.
  • Success: The richer, deeper analytics help steer the business in ways that drive bottom line success.

Additionally, for customers with proprietary CRM applications, Evolve IP offers a robust set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that are included free of charge with the hosted IP phone system enabling those customers to build this same level of integration in a completely customized fashion with relative ease by in-house or 3rd party software development staff.

Multi-Channel Contact Center

The Evolve IP Multi-Channel solution integrates the Evolve IP call center with your CRM /support system providing unique advantages for your business that proprietary multichannel solutions cannot.

Why Evolve IP’S Multi-Channel Contact Center?

Your industry-leading CRM is providing valuable account data and analytics while the world-class Evolve IP call center is providing business and customer insights. Evolve IP’s multi-channel solution integrates these two systems and provides compelling business data via a holistic view into your customer relationships.

This comprehensive, best-of-breed solution provides better visibility into the customer by combining contact center information – calls, emails, and tickets – with customer information – customer status, products, and financials. You keep the quality solutions your company relies on and gain new, actionable insights into your business.


Evolve IP offers two options to achieve a business focused multi-channel solution – leveraging Salesforce.com (see above) or Zendesk.

Evolve IP puts the Enterprise Voice channel in Zendesk

For businesses that want to serve their customers across any interaction channel (email, chat, social media, voice, etc.), the combination of Evolve IP’s world-class hosted IP phone system and Zendesk’s award-winning customer service platform is the enterprise solution of choice. This potent combination empowers your organization with the ability to engage your customers in a true multi-channel contact center and deliver an outstanding customer experience. With quick deployments and nimble technology, your teams will be up and running quickly — you’ll quickly reap the benefits of customer service automation and new insights about your customers and operations.


  • Evolve IP’s award-winning voice services seamlessly integrate with Zendesk’s powerful customer service software
  • Link all your agent’s calls to a ticket
  • Intuitive agent interaction within their browser
  • Automatically retrieve a caller’s full history
  • Create a new ticket or update an existing ticket
  • Caller’s ticket history is automatically presented to the Agent
  • Agents can link the call to a ticket, add tags or input their own custom tags, enter notes about the call and update the ticket status
  • Call notification popups appear in the browser so your agents can add notes to calls even when they’re not logged into Zendesk
  • Save time by leveraging Click-to-Dial for any phone number listed in Zendesk
  • Quick navigation to various Zendesk modules (Tickets or Contacts) related to the phone call


  • Put the Voice channel in to Zendesk and track all channels and all customer interactions for a more holistic view of your customer
  • Deep customer history immediately presented to the agent enables them to provide a rich customer interaction
  • Increases agent efficiency and productivity, which means improved service levels for your customers
  • Streamline your customer support with time-saving agent tools
  • Easy to deploy and manage – requires no software to download or install
  • Accessible from anywhere, on any device via the Google Chrome browser, the application is maintenance free for both end users and administrators, because updates are automatically downloaded.

Traditional Multi-Channel Contact Center is Dead

Traditionally, while a multi-channel solution provides you with the contact center communication solutions you desire, it is a disparate system from your main repository of customer information: your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or business application where customers and their associated transactions are tracked. But when you marry up these two separate technologies, you gain the ability to gather information about your customers.

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Workforce Management

Overwhelming majority of call centers are faced with staffing issues and the challenge of meeting service levels while controlling costs. Having the optimum number of agents at the right time with the right skills, in the right place is essential to call center success. Even with great schedules in place, usually created with time consuming and error prone spreadsheets, managers can never really tell if their representatives are adhering to their schedules and how this will impact their service levels.

By deploying Evolve IP’s award-winning contact center solution with Workforce Management (WFM), you can fill this gap and allow your contact center to build accurate forecasts and optimal schedules. Moreover, adding a cloud-based workforce management platform to our world-class call center solution will save you from the hassle of managing different vendors in addition to avoiding large upfront investments, painful hardware & software implementations.

This unified WFM platform significantly improves service levels, increases productivity and delivers a fast return on investment. Some of the key features provided by the workforce management platform include:

  • Forecasting & Scheduling
  • Intra-Day Management
  • Real-time Adherence
  • Performance Management & Analysis

According to a recent survey, call centers using WFM systems experience an average savings of 5-10% of their staff hours. To learn more download our Workforce Management Datasheet.