Custom Agent States

Drive organizational efficiency with custom agent states enabling you to better supervise, coach agents. Learn more with real-time and historical reporting.


Call center leadership can better do their job when they can easily track and monitor agent status and availability. Knowing when someone is available, busy, or on break can help determine efficient call placement and improve customer satisfaction as wait time declines. As part of Evolve Contact Suite, you can use Custom Agent States to help you track your agents’ time.

About the Feature

Evolve’s Custom Agent States system enables organizations to set up customized activity/availability codes. Your agents can easily update their status using this intuitive feature — whether they are Available, Busy, on Break, etc. — to let others on the team know if a call can be routed to them or not. This feature can help leaders better balance workload even as they reduce caller hold time or hang-ups, and because this offers access to both historical and real-time data this feature also lets call center leadership better supervise and coach agents.

Custom Agent States Advantages

Drive efficiency with this easy-to-use feature:


  • Instantly determine if agents are available for calls.
  • Track agents’ time based on custom codes.
  • Gain real-time and historical data insights into agent activity.
  • Identify your most efficient agents to determine best practices to share with the team.
  • Leverage availability records to better manage and train agents.
  • Improve call response time to give customers a better experience.

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Evolve Contact Suite lets your agents record their status and availability using a built-in feature. Find out more about the advantages of CCaaS today.