When a customer needs to reach out to a contact center several times, they are not likely to be pleased. An integrated customer contact history provides agents with ready-access to that individual’s omnichannel contacts across all communication channels. Thus, your business can easily offer an informed and seamless customer experience.

Evolve IP Customer Contact History

What is Customer Contact History?

An integrated customer contact history captures all the interactions for a customer, their disposition, who handled them, the interaction type, etc. All of this information can be readily available to your agents because Evolve IP’s contact center helps you manage all interaction channels within a single routing engine.


When your agent has customer history on the screen, the customers are less likely to have to repeat themselves, which can support higher customer satisfaction, which in turn paints your brand’s appearance in a competent light.


Consider the many business benefits of a complete history across contact channels:


  • Give agents access to customer’s complete history.
  • Offer customers a more seamless customer experience with better informed agents.
  • Drive improved customer satisfaction rates.
  • Allow agents to identify consistent stumbling blocks to help customer feel heard.
  • Provide agents with insights into past customer interactions to provide personalized service.

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An integrated customer contact history is just one of the many beneficial features of Evolve IP’s omnichannel contact center solution. Support a seamless customer experience with our Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) offerings. Contact us today!