Demand Filters

You can get your calls where they need to be with the demand filters feature helping to ensure that each customer interaction is answered efficiently and effectively.


Every caller wants their issues addressed easily and without having to wait. Meeting that demand for convenience is one of the biggest challenges for your contact center. That’s where demand filters come into play. Demand filters ensure all of your callers get to the right agent correctly and quickly by providing an effective way to forward calls based on simple or sophisticated customized parameters.

About the Feature

With demand filters you can customize routing patterns to your agents based on schedule, availability, caller demographics, advertising campaigns or more. During peak periods, when call times are beginning to lengthen, you can gradually loosen agent selection criteria to ensure each customer interaction is answered efficiently and effectively.

Advantages of Demand Filters

Enhance customer satisfaction with the ability to:


  • Easily adapt to peak periods with simple tweaks to the agent selection criteria
  • Stay on top of call volume
  • Reduce hold time and hang-ups
  • Customize agent selection criteria based on your needs
  • Transfer calls with confidence they won’t be going to voice mail
  • Improve customer and client satisfaction by providing immediate access to available assistance.

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