Just as every organization has its own way of doing business, each customer interaction with your contact centers is also unique. Customizing disposition codes to categorize real-time and historical contact center interactions can help your business identify trends, areas of potential improvement, and new opportunities. Further, this easy-to-use feature can also improve internal communication and collaboration.


What are Disposition Codes?

Track the outcome of every contact center interaction utilizing your organization’s customized disposition codes. With codes reflecting the unique concerns of your business, your agents can quickly label communications to inform the entire contact center about the call’s content. This real-time and historical reporting feature lets agents note important call details such as issue resolution, customer complaint, closed sale, and more.


There are many reasons to integrate custom codes into your contact center practices:


  • Track each customer interaction to identify trends and potential opportunities.
  • Promote team collaboration with agents labeling calls to inform their colleagues of call content.
  • Improve processes by maintaining and monitoring records of important call details.
  • Customize disposition codes based on your business’s unique needs.
  • Allow agents to label calls with important details to drive greater call center efficiency.
  • Provide better customer service with disposition codes giving agents ready access to important details.

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