Q: Can my Call Center Agents work from home / Work Anywhere?

A: Yes. Evolve IP’s contact center software is hosted in the cloud so calls can be delivered to any location or any device (mobile phone, soft phone, land line, etc.) without any loss of functionality from a reporting, recording, or leadership monitoring perspective. Through tools like Remote Office which allows any 10-digit phone number to become your desk phone, your agents can work from any location.

Q: Are calls still recorded for Agents who work remotely?

A: Yes. With our offerings, call recording is delivered via the cloud. This means that calls are recorded regardless of your agents’ locations.

Q: Is Caller ID information preserved when forwarding features are enabled?

A: Yes. Because Evolve IP’s solution is geographically agnostic, your Agents can participate in any call flow and the original party’s Caller ID is preserved. This ensures that your agents will receive the caller’s phone number and integration with your business systems continues to function regardless of the agent’s location.

Q: Will I get new features as they are developed? If so, how much will I be charged?

A: Yes. With Evolve IP’s premium license, you automatically receive new features, without paying anything extra for them. This allows you to “future proof” your technology investment and avoid risky alternative solutions.

Q: When you upgrade the system, how much downtime will we experience?

A: None. Because our call center software is hosted in the cloud upgrades are performed with no downtime or impact to your organization’s call processing.

Q: How do you implement your solution? Is it a “hot” cutover?

A: To help ease your users into their solution, we roll out our contact center software in parallel to your existing system. Your agents will literally have their old and new phones on their desk so that they can practice on the new system until it is time for the cutover. From a change management perspective, this is a great way to get your agents comfortable before it goes live.

Q: How is your training performed?

A: Evolve IP provides training through a variety of methods to suit every preferred method of learning, including in-person, web-based, quick tip-videos, and printable user guides.

We find that from a change management perspective the best practice is to fully train all team members the week leading up to the “go-live”, give them the ability to use the new technology on their own for a few days, and then provide on-site support the day the new system goes live.

Q: Are Call Recording and Barge-in available for employees in our organization who are not part of the Call Center?

A: Yes. Evolve IP’s Call Recording solution is not exclusive to call center users – Call Recording and Barge-in feature are available for any Evolve IP hosted IP Phone System user.

Q: How do I make changes to my Call Centers, such as changes to my greeting messages?

A: During the implementation process Evolve IP will set up your initial call routing. Afterward, whenever you need to make changes to your routing your internal designated administrator can do so easily via our award-winning OSSmosis Portal.

These changes to your Call Center can be completed in just a few seconds, with the click of a mouse. For example, to change your greeting message, simply record a new message by calling and leaving a message in your own voicemail. Then, when the voicemail comes into your email inbox, save the .WAV file attachment and upload it via our easy-to-use OSSmosis Portal. The next caller will hear your newly recorded announcement.

If you prefer not to have your administrator make the routing changes, you can submit a ticket to have an Evolve IP representative make changes for you.

Q: Can I see the real-time status of my queues?

A: We offer different tools for call center leadership to have real-time vision into the queues: 1) the Call Center Supervisor application; and 2) the Call Center Dashboard. Both are web-based applications that deliver real-time agent and queue statistics. The Supervisor application is designed for the individuals that are actively managing the queues and agents while the Dashboard provides an “executive” view across a variety of devices from individual PCs/Macs, wallboards, Tablets, or Smartphones.