Contact center agents regularly handle customer calls in addition to a great deal of information about products, services, and possible ways to resolve concerns or issues, all at once. The floating toolbar feature, part of the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution from Evolve IP, lets your agents optimize screen real estate, which helps to multitask and prioritize focus.

About the Feature

Efficiency is the key to differentiating your contact center from the competition. A floating toolbar may seem like a small feature, but it can make a big difference with employee responsiveness. Provide your agents added convenience with the ability to move the toolbar as needed when they require access to information on their screen and to place the toolbar in the most optimal place to always maximize their screen real estate. Evolve IP’s Assistant Toolbar also provides the rich features of our award-winning OSSmosis Portal, along with dial from contact and inbound screen pop-up, in a convenient, embedded plugin.

Floating Toolbar Advantages

Empower employees to make the most of their screen:


  • Enable agents to streamline their own call screens.
  • Empower agents to have all the client information they need available on-screen.
  • Drive greater customer satisfaction with your employees having ready access to the tools they need on their screen.
  • Reduce dialing errors that can cut into the number of calls per hour.
  • Provide customers and clients a consistent, business-class experience.

Partner with Evolve IP

The floating template is just one of the many beneficial features of Evolve Contact Suite offering. Contact us today!