Special Days make up all the holidays and special days that an organization may close their office or operate on a different schedule than their regular business hours. Despite the desires of customers or prospects, few businesses are open all day, every day. Still, your organization can provide a reliable, consistent phone presence around-the-clock with a Contact Center solution recognizing holiday or special day hours.

How the feature works

Your business can easily create or modify its scheduled standard hours in our contact center software. In addition to customizing call routing and call response messaging for business or closed hours, this feature lets you establish holiday or special hours. Once enabled, the caller will be greeted with the correct greeting for that holiday, or special event, and be transparently transferred according to the routing rules you’ve put in place using our intuitive dashboard.

Feature advantages

Exceed customer experience expectations with this easy-to-use feature:


  • Configure in seconds the holiday hours for each of your phone numbers.
  • Record unique greetings for those calling during holiday or special hours.
  • Empower your agents to receive calls when they want, where they want.
  • Provide customers with a consistently convenient experience.
  • Integrate business hours with call routing, callbacks or other easily configurable contact center features.
  • Leverage platform data insights to better manage and train agents.

Partner with Evolve IP

Evolve IP’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution enables professional, consistent responsiveness to customer calls, even over holiday or special hours. Learn about this and other CCaaS features today.