Every interaction your agents have with customers is an opportunity to delight them, improve satisfaction, and grow loyalty. With an interaction and contact note feature, agents can retain the essential details about a customer call and transfer it on to the next individual with the contact history. This tool informs the rest of the contact center about general, predictable, unpredictable, or unwanted interactions and prepares your people to build strong relationships founded on good information sharing.

What are Interaction and Contact Notes?

While disposition codes allow you to quickly label calls, there is often a need for tracking more detailed information. The Interaction and contact notes feature gives agents an easy-to-use tool to record important details that could be helpful for future interactions with the same customer. These notes also promote enhanced customer satisfaction as they can save the customer from having to repeat information while providing the agent with the background needed to address the customer’s issue or concern in an individualized way.


Enhance contact center practices with interaction and contact notes:


  • Provide detailed information to your contact center agents.
  • Enhance customer experience by giving your agents the tools they need to offer top-notch customer service.
  • Encourage collaboration and communication with a feature that lets your agents help one another.
  • Gain insights into customer issues and concerns by enabling supervisor review of interaction and contact notes.
  • Identify business opportunities or potential training needs monitoring the agent-provided notes.

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