Customer loyalty can make a big difference to your organization’s success. Not only will you be better positioned to repeat business or up-sell, but also the loyal customer is more likely to provide positive word-of-mouth referrals. Last agent routing can help foster this loyalty by providing the personalized touch needed to develop long-lasting customer relationships.

About the Feature

In the contact center equivalent of having everyone call out “Norm” when the customer arrives, last agent routing delivers customer calls to the same agent they last worked with, whenever they contact your business. With the platform recording, the agent ID, and customer identification, the call center software can easily route the call appropriately. Having a familiar agent address the customer can help your brand establish credibility and build relationships. Along with fostering customer satisfaction, providing this personalized touch gives your agents an added edge too.

Advantages of Last Agent Routing

Enhance customer satisfaction by:


  • Transferring calls to the last agent that served that customer
  • Improving customer and client satisfaction
  • Providing personalized assistance
  • Encouraging agents to develop ongoing relationships
  • Fostering loyalty with a feature that demonstrates your company cares about its callers
  • Empowering your agents with customer history and background information for the call.

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