An organization’s high performers typically contribute to a majority of the positive outcomes. But you can’t overload them so much that they burnout. In a contact center setting, load allowances let you customize the number of channel interactions each agent is given to handle at the same time.

About the Feature

Long wait times and hang-ups are the bane of customers (and, as a result, contact centers). Yet, at the same time, you don’t want to give your employees so much work to do that they can’t do it well. Load Allowance is an interaction profile assigned to agents, that defines how many interactions (chat, email, telephone call) an agent can handle at one time. As an example, a Load Allowance profile can be assigned to an agent that allows them to handle one Queued Call and one Chat at the same time. Provide quality customer service while effectively managing agent contacts with customized load allowances. Establish agent profiles that indicate the agent’s capacity to handle one or more simultaneous interactions across call center channels (phone calls, emails, web chats, etc.).

Load Allowance

Advantages of Load Allowances

Improve customer satisfaction and agent morale with the ability to:


  • Customize profiles to reflect agent skill level, expertise, or channel focus
  • Balance agent interactions to encourage efficiency
  • Reduce agent burnout with personalized profiles
  • Boost efficiency with agents empowered to handle more than one interaction simultaneously
  • Adapt agent profiles to reflect volume, agent availability, or other business demands.
  • Provide immediate access to available assistance across channels.

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