Considering the volume of calls handled in a contact center, and the often, narrow margins involved, the benefit of a predictable line item on the budget is clear. As part of the Evolve IP’s Contact Center, businesses can make local and long-distance calls within the country without paying additional fees. No matter whether you’re calling the next state or to the other coast, the only thing you and your agents will need to worry about accounting for is a potential time zone difference

Why Local/Long-Distance Calls?

Those days are gone when businesses were charged by the minute for long-distance calls. With Local/Long-Distance Calling from Evolve IP, your business can budget more effectively. Our Contact Center solution offers not only unlimited usage, but also free in-network calling. That means all in-country calls that you place are included for free with your Evolve IP account.

Local/Long-Distance Call Advantages

Local/Long-Distance call bring benefits to your Contact Center:


  • Budget more effectively with no added fees for in-country calls
  • Increase productivity by eliminating any hurdles to calling prospects or customers wherever they may be across the country
  • Provide employees with reliable, efficient calling tools even as you eliminate the need for agents to use desk phones
  • Facilitate easy conference calls and/or transfer when handling long-distance calls.

Local/Long-Distance Calls with Evolve IP

Empower your contact center agents and enjoy consistency in budgeting for phone services with Evolve IP’s local/long-distance calls solution. Learn more today!